Thursday, May 28, 2020
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RELX disposable nano vape pen review – NAKED IN ICELAND

It’s surprising to meet RELX nano disposable vape at a small booth shop in the Futian District, Shenzhen. Yesterday, the author went to meet a customer. Unfortunately, his cell phone ran out of power and was off, so he couldn’t call a taxi home. And he went to a small booth at the roadside and asked the shopkeeper to charge his phone for a while. The shopkeeper’s kind and warm-hearted and promised to charge it for free. The author felt a bit awkward and wished to buy something there in return. Unexpectedly, a RELX disposable vape was just right there, then he bought it for 39 yuan.

The RELX disposable vape we review today is a tiny size one-off vape pod compared to the RELX starter kit and SNOWPLUS starter kit. It’s called NAKED IN ICELAND.


Product model: RNMTH50

Nicotine strength: 5%

Puff numbers:200

E-liquid volume:1.2 ml

Battery capacity: 270 mAh

Manufacturer: ALD

Where to buy RELX nano

Taste/ Mint Flavor
Smell/ Fragrance
Throat hit
Vapor production
Hand feel


The overall user experience of RELX Nano NAKED IN ICELAND is excellent. Great flavor experience, portability and convenient use are its most obvious features.  Worth buying.
ald silmo 3.0
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