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    How many puffs does RELX Pod have?

    How Long Does RELX Pod Last?

    It depends on the duration of each puff and the interval between two puffs. Just like the difference between sipping and gulping a glass of mineral water.

    How many puffs does RELX Pod have?

    How long does a fully-charged RELX e一cigarette last?

    Under constant use
    40mins – 1 hour

    Number of puffs a fully charged RELX e-cigarette lasts

    Battery capacity
    330mAh – 350mAh

    A RELX e-cigarette has a built-in lithium battery. Please avoid using it in the following situations:

    Recharge the device only after the battery is completely drained

    Overcharging or keeping it completely drained for an extended duration

    Over-charging. over-discharging excessive charging/discharging (fact charging/discharging under large power)

    In overheated or overcooled environment (take RELX classic and PEIX Infinity for example. Charging temperature: 0°C-45°C: Device using temperature:-10°C-60°C)

    How long does a fully-charged PELX e一cigarette last?

    Where to buy RELX vapes

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