RELX electronic cigarette brand’s successful positioning in 3 dimensions

RELX brand has done well in the vape industry.

If you apply the standards of cigarette retail terminals, it’s hard to notice the existence of RELX experience stores. This is not to deny RELX’s job. On the contrary, besides site selection, which is often adjacent to fast fashion products, there is no trace of traditional and traditional tobacco products in RELX from design, decoration to style and tonality. The RELX experience shop is more like a fashion experience store such as cosmetics, rather than traditional meaning and convention, or like impressive tobacco sales.

According to the official introduction, RELX stores are divided into standard stores and mini stores. The former covers an area of more than 15 square meters, while the latter covers 5-15 square meters, and can even be flexibly embedded in the store. With the actual experience of the scene, despite its small scale, RELX’s pursuit is not a high-level publicity, because the outstanding visual design, the pure overall style, especially the bold use of the black, presents a cool spirit from the inside to the outside, which easily arouses the attention and welcome of the target consumer groups.

In fact, RELX, founded by Kate Wang, a former UBER executive, is not only very different from traditional tobacco brands, including the vast majority of crudely manufactured e-cigarette brands.

RELX has positioned itself as a consumer-grade electronic atomizer brand company, pursuing the mission of “promoting a healthier, happier and undisturbed lifestyle transformation of the world’s 1 billion smokers”. Does it seem too grand? However, it just reflects the pattern and wisdom of RELX. Of course, you can also understand that this team has greater ambition, and a healthier, happier, undisturbed position lays a higher level and starting point for RELX.

Under this mission or vision, the “Guardian Plan” launched by RELX is more concrete and fuller. On the premise of abiding by the Notice of Prohibiting the Sale of Electronic Cigarettes to Minors and not selling electronic cigarettes related products to minors according to law, RELX stands are against the use of electronic cigarettes by minors and against the use of electronic cigarettes in front of minors, and upgrades it to the “RELX Guardian Plan”, which looks more like a brand. Consciousness and introspection.

Although the contents of the plan are not new, after such packaging and upgrading, RELX, on the one hand, presents a positive attitude towards the official compliance and obedience to regulations, on the other hand, it also has a good image of being responsible to the outside world, and all of a sudden, it is distanguished from other brands. RELX magnified the identity advantage based on lifestyle change compared with traditional tobacco products.

Such RELX must not be underestimated in any form for any reason.

You know, in our thinking of these traditional tobacco products, there will be more or less natural rejection of new tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes, not necessarily the external projection of ostrich mentality, but do not like them do not talk about rules, no routines, lack of rules, but RELX is really a good brand. These practices of RELX are worth respecting and should be used for reference as compared with the hurry-to-launch electronic cigarette products or new electronic cigarette brands.

I understand it as three dimensions

One is Internet thinking. The founder and executive team of RELX are familiar with Internet technology and experience, and have a profound insight and accurate grasp of consumer demand, consumption proposition and consumption habits in the mobile Internet environment. From brand building, product design, marketing and customer service, it has a far higher level of competence than traditional industries. How to describe it? It’s very similar to the difference between a taxi and an online taxi. The former is just a point-to-point vehicle, while the latter is a more convenient and efficient travel service.

The second is the consumer perspective. In traditional thinking, there is always arrogance and stubbornness of “I’m good for you, you should feel good” with a strong paternalistic style, so no matter how respectful the market is verbally, how respectful consumers act or subjective decisions, empiricism prevails. On the other hand, RELX does not have these historical burdens. Consumers should do whatever they want and exceed their expectations. The real consumer-centered thinking is empathic expression.

Third, the expression of youth. Over the years, Chinese cigarette brands have made great efforts to rejuvenate, and have made many attempts. Is it helpful? It seems to have some uses, but it is the passive acceptance of consumers without choosing. Too much rejuvenation still seems greasy and deliberate. Faced with the rejuvenation of RELX, obviously not on a level. Maybe the right way to get younger is to let young people express younger ideas and ways.

Therefore, for electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, we really need more empty cup mentality and modesty, and put forward some “out of the tobacco to make tobacco products” vision. Whether it is based on the consideration of industrial development, “two maintenance” needs, or the application of new technologies, the docking of new needs, we must not follow the same path, be self-confident, technological. Gaps can also catch up, thinking backwardness will only lead to follow suit, and get passive.

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