RELX vape starts a new retail plan in China

RELX opens first flagship store in the world, launches New Retail 361 Plan

On January 11, RELX announced that the world’s first flagship store was officially opened in Shanghai’s Wujiang Road Pedestrian Street. It is located in a prime location in Shanghai, with a black and white frame and transparent style store design, supplemented by the embellishment concept of green plants, and conveys the technology + health sensory experience to consumers.

The opening of the flagship store marks that RELX’s new retail business has achieved a comprehensive upgrade from the 1.0 era to the 2.0 era. Next, here will also be the first place for RELX to continue to explore smart retail empowering store owners and implement the “Guardian Plan”. It is understood that various smart retail applications created by RELX are fully implemented here. Smart cameras will determine the age of shoppers. Only consumers who have passed the triple inspection of “Name + ID + Face” can purchase products.

RELX also announced the launch of the new retail “361 plan”. It will invest a total of 600 million in the next three years to help 10,000 RELX STORE stores open. Through precision marketing, intelligent upgrades, opening of dealer universities, city image stores, etc., optimization store operation efficiency improvement, it is consolidating the position of the in the vape industry. RELX founder and CEO Wang Ying said: “In the future, while accelerating the expansion of offline channels and creating consumer stickiness, we will spend more energy to develop new technologies to empower shopkeepers, and continue to improve store operations and profitability. Technology to revolutionize the industry. ”

According to reports, the “new” of new retail is not limited to space. In the view of RELX, the future breakthrough point lies in the in-depth transformation of offline operations with digital technology. At the beginning of RELX STORE’s business expansion, the company tried to empower shopkeepers through data operations by building a data center, laying the foundation for accurate operations. RELX co-founder and head of channel sales Jiang Long revealed that RELX is continuing to build functional integration of sales front desks and centralization of central and Taiwan data. Relying on digital technology to open up the full link data of people, goods and markets, RELX’s retail system will be smarter and better understand consumer needs.

Taking the intelligent operation of the flagship store as a starting point, RELX plans to launch the store management system in 2020, to realize the digital upgrade of all stores, and to achieve intelligent advancement of stores by 2022, and gradually to unmanned stores and intelligent supply chains and change of direction. Jiang Long said,

“We are very looking forward to the future: based on the longitudinal data analysis of the complete data flow of the people and goods yards, to understand consumer behavior portraits, management terminal channels, and product production and logistics; meanwhile, the connection of horizontal data can achieve RELX’s overall business efficiency great progress.”

“The development of the new retail business in the past year has given us a boost.” Jiang Long said that next, RELX will launch a new retail “361 plan” and will invest a total of 600 million in 3 years to help 10,000 RELX STORE Open stores and drive the upgrade of retail terminals at all levels in depth and breadth.

In terms of breadth, RELX will increase investment in key cities and channels to build urban image stores in core cities and regions. At the same time, RELX will continue to expand channels around consumer demand and start the pace of sinking market penetration. In terms of depth, in addition to helping stores achieve digital operations, RELX will continue to invest funds, improve subsidies for franchisees and partners, and optimize partners through precision marketing, optimization of operating efficiency, and opening of dealer universities. Experience to build a solid distribution system. “The most correct thing for RELX is to choose to drive the brand with mission and values.” Wang Ying said, “In the future, we will adhere to the principle of product first, more firmly innovate in products and digital operations, and respond to the changing markets and challenges. ”

Since the beginning of 2019, RELX STORE has covered more than 300 cities, with a total of more than 1,500. In terms of retail formats, the company has also explored multiple business models including specialty stores, shop-in-shops, smart vending machines, and flagship stores. At present, RELX flagship stores are successively landing in the core business districts of cities such as Beijing 798 and Shenzhen Coastal City, and are constantly exploring new retail innovations in scene, experience, and social responsibility, and playing a benchmark role.



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Allan edward cuadro
Allan edward cuadro
2 years ago

How can i buy relx pods juices here in china??

2 years ago

From offline shops that usually show up in China urban area

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