How vape factories resume to work during COVID 19?

If all of us don’t work for a long time, the fatality rate could be much higher than COVID 19. Getting back to work is hard but it’s the first urgent now for all vaping factories & other industries. Following are the China vaping factories’ working plans to resume work during the outbreak:

Prepare gears for coronavirus prevention

Get the gears ready including thermometer, mask, goggles, disposable hand sanitizer, medical alcohol, disposable gloves.

No one can play the game without gears no matter how good his or her plan is.

Separate workers from each other and outside as good as they can.

Separate workers from each other and outside as good as they can.

  1. Quarantine return employees from the field for 14 days.
  2. Quarantine high-temperature employees. Pick them out by everyday temperature testing.
  3. Reduce the number of people per production line
  4. Strictly regulate factory access from outside.
  5. Avoid the crowd to and from work when commuting.
  6. Avoid the crowd during launch. 1 person 1 table 1 meters away.
  7. Require workers to wear masks and eye protection glasses.

Max sanitizing public areas

Max sanitize public areas

  1. Disinfect dormitory & dining hall public areas once a day by cleaning staff.
  2. Sanitize production line worker by disinfection air shower every day.
  3. Sanitize production line by disinfection water every day.



COVID 19 is seemly getting more and more serious recently. Italy, Spain, Germany, France, UK & even the USA are all in a bad situation. All the people in the world may face the same back-to-work challenge in China. Wish it would be of some help.

Looking forward to worldwide recovery soon. Keep safe when working, readers of VAPE.HK.


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