• INFZN series vape oil/ e-liquid

    Two methods of using salt nicotine e-liquid | INFZN series e liquid review

    If the birth of e-cigarettes has changed the fate of millions of vapers around the world, the emergence of salt nicotine vape juice has further promoted the healthy development of this smoking cessation wave. Unlike traditional nicotine e-liquid, salt nicotine vape oils have a more comfortable inhalation and detoxification capabilities, and…

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  • WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

    Cross-field Crystallization | WOTOFO FLUX Rainbow Tower 200w Package Experience

    E-cigarette equipment brands begin to exhibit their own personality traits, such as the king of cost-effective SMOANT, street brand ASVAPE, creative player BLITZ, cross-border famous cast WOTOFO and so on. In today’s market with a wide range of products, only tap the value of their own brand feature constantly can…

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  • Aslan vape juice e liquid

    A heartbeat choice– The Review of Aslan Vape Juice

    What kinds of vape juice can be called as a good one? Indeed, not merely its palate, but also its fog volume, layering, the feeling that hit the throat as well as carbon deposit will affect the direct representation of the vape juice. A good vape juice should have a balanced quality…

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    A new way to aproach MTL | ADVKEN MANTA RTA

    The fashion of vaping has been returned again, and many brands are beginning to go online to absorb the positioning style of RTA products. In the vape circle, it is called MTL RTA. MTL is the same as our common RDTA positioning mode ,which was named for the usage mode…

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  • smok

    Smok Launched the Voice Control Vape – I – PRIV

    SMOK launched a high-power electronic cigarettes on its blog—-the “I – PRIV”.It’s time for the ai smart mini-cigarette. The most amazing specialty is that the I – PRIV electronic suit has the voice control function. It was equipped with 16 instructions words, and each instruction corresponds to a specific action. In…

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  • Cream Puff – Banana

    The Top 7 Best E-Liquids of 2017

    E-liquids are created and distributed every day and while this is exciting, it makes it tough to find the perfect e-liquid. From desert and fruit flavours all the way through to tobacco and chocolate blends, I’ve tried to review as much as I can without setting off too many fire…

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  • Western Nic E Liquid

    Western Nic E Liquid/Vape Juice Review

    Tobacco taste vape juice/e liquid is the ancestor of the e juice taste. At the birth of the electronic cigarette, the tobacco tastejuice/e liquid vape has been working to make the traditional smokers feel close to the smell of cigarettes in the process of atomization, so as to meet the psychological…

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    Strong taste and easy operation, the WOTOFO RDA user experience

    The structure of the DIY atomizer is constantly being simplified and the direction of the operation is going to be more convenient. It is convenient for the DIY users to quickly rebuild or maintain the atomizing core, and reduce the cost of use and operation. As a famous electronic cigarette…

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