• DRAGBAR F8000 disposable vape review

    DRAGBAR F8000 disposable vape review

    DRAGBAR F8000 is disposable vape from Zovoo. It might sound very familiar somehow because it’s a sister brand of the famous Voopoo. So will Dragbar taste as good as Voopoo products? Let’s go and find it out. DRAGBAR F8000 features The Max Puff disposable vapes from DRAG family shine on…

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  • DRAGBAR R6000 disposable vape review

    DRAGBAR R6000 disposable vape review

    DRAGBAR R6000 is another disposable vape from Zovoo. It is launched 5 days ago according to the news from the official. It features its large airflow for direct-to-lung vaping, good taste, and long endurance. Let’s learn more about it by real hands-on. DRAGBAR R6000 features As the first disposable Pod…

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  • Voopoo Drag Q review a more advanced mod vape for stronger performance

    Voopoo Drag Q review: a more advanced pod vape for stronger performance

    Look what we got, we got Voopoo Drag Q, the latest product from Voopoo! It’s much more high-end than any other vapes the author has used, and the performance is better. The downside, its complex settings make me dizzy for a while. Voopoo Drag Q hands-on Since the power of…

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  • Skey Mega Glow disposable vape review

    Skey Mega Glow disposable vape review: a good looking 4500 puff rechargable device

    Skey Mega Glow disposable is another product from Skey company after the 3000 puff Gem Box. I don’t know much about Skey company, but the products from them are good. Skey Mega Glow disposable vape try out First, it feels good on hand. Ergonomic design. Meanwhile, the color is also…

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  • ALD Cube Box disposable vape solution

    ALD Cube Box disposable vape solution review

    Cube Box is another disposable vape model from ALD. A small body in a rectangle shape makes it portable and convenient for daily vaping. 2500 puff endurance meets most daily vaping needs. And the taste is not bad. ALD Cube Box official introduction ALD Cube Box disposable vape hands-on CUBE…

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  • ALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oil

    ALD Polus new disposable vape pen for CBD oil review

    ALD has just invented (not officially launched) a new disposable vape solution for CBD oil named ALD Polus. It features its cigarette-like shape, which is sleek, lightweight and portable. Let’s take a look at the looks of ALD Polus first: ALD Polus disposable vape pen specifications Height: 104mm Width: 14mm…

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  • ALD Cannabar AH2801 review

    ALD CANNABAR review: a ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposable for pleasant vaping

    ALD CANNABAR is another disposable solution for Delta 8 vaping. The 3ml capacity, large ceramic heating element and dual air passage design ensure an unclogged, smooth and pleasant experience. Previously we have taken a glance at it in this article. Today let’s take a closer look into it. ALD CANNABAR…

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    VOOPOO ARGUS POD review: a 5-20W power-adjustable Gene.AI chip pod mod

    Previously we have reviewed the latest product from Voopoo, the Argus GT II kit, which works excellent outdoor. And today let’s continue to research and try out another classic product from Voopoo, the Voopoo Argus pod, which is much smaller in size compared to the Argus GT II kit. What…

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  • Gem Box 3000 disposable vape review

    Gem Box 3000 puff disposable vape review

    Let’s review another disposable vape name Gem Box 3000 puff disposable vape after the similar box-shaped Hoo Bar. Though many vapers haven’t heard about the brand’s name Skey before,  its product is quite good, impressive and amazing. There is great potential for Gem Box to go popular. Gem Box 3000…

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  • FEELM Joy Disposable vape review

    FEELM Max disposable vape review – DirtyCheck No.183

    FEELM’s current status in the industry is prominent for its advanced and irreplaceable FEELM inside technology. Today we bring you FEELM Max disposable vape series to be exhibited at Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham, UK Let’s take a look at its performance together. FEELM Max disposable vape specifications/ parameters There…

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