RHVBE e-cigarette exhibition next date is on April 25-28, 2021

The organizer, Reed Huabo Exhibition, will include the spring e-cigarette exhibition on April 25-28, 2021, into the mobile electronics exhibition in Hall 13, International Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China. This expo will be held concurrently with the Shenzhen Gifts and Home Fair. Gift companies and traders are the core buyers of the fair.

Relying on many production bases such as consumer electronics and 3C product accessories, Reed Huabo Mobile Electronics Show has doubled its scale year by year in the context of personal life and home entertainment electronic product consumption upgrades. After 2020, the home consumption will be greatly improved. , And will make a historic breakthrough, reaching a scale of 40,000 square meters in 2021.

RHVBE e-cigarette exhibition date is on April 25-28

Shenzhen brings together many high-tech industries, as well as large electronic markets such as SEG Electronics, Huaqiang Electronics, and Cyber. Its sales channels cover Southeast Asia and even Europe and the United States, leading the global mobile electronics market.

At the Reed Huabo Spring Electronic Cigarette Exhibition on April 25-28 next year, electronic cigarettes will be exhibited on the same stage with thousands of mobile electronic products such as Huawei, JBL, Logitech, Xiaomi, Edifier, SKG, etc. It is expected to be a brand new one market expansion and new product launch opportunity.

In 2020, the China e-cigarette market is in a recovery and adjustment period of slow growth. Many brands such as RELX, VVILD, and Vitavp have introduced subsidies for physical stores to open up the offline market.

RHVBE e-cigarette exhibition date is on April 25-28

The China vape exhibition organizer Reed Huabo have held three China tours in Kunming, Xi’an and Qingdao to connect distributors, agents, physical stores and gift companies in various places for e-cigarette brands to solve the urgent needs of brand owners who urgently need to consume inventory and relieve sales pressure.

Under the predicament of online bans and the international market being affected by the epidemic, many e-cigarette brands have changed their mindsets and deployed offline markets. For example, the Vitavp brand has launched a series of subsidy policies for specialty stores, and has expanded its sales network in second and third-tier cities across the country. At the Shenzhen e-cigarette exhibition held by Reed Huabo in October, Vitavp announced its franchise subsidy policy, received a total of 309 customers with intent to communicate, signed 57 new franchise stores, and expanded its offline territory to more cities.

RHVBE e-cigarette exhibition date is on April 25-28

Vitavp founder/CEO Liu Dongyuan also said: Reed Huabo Electronic Cigarette Show is one of the most successful exhibitions to expand retail channels. And continue to sign the cooperation with Reed Exhibitions China Expo in April 2021.

In addition to Vitavp, VAPES INS, gippro, VAZO, VFOLK, VPO and other brands also exhibited a series of gift kits according to the attributes of the exhibition and target buyers. VFOLK electronic cigarettes signed a deposit of 500,000 at this exhibition, reaching a cooperative intention to distribute More than 100 merchants and more than 300 sets of gift box products were sold out on site. Exhibitions and gift circles have become an opportunity for e-cigarettes to broaden the boundaries of the market.


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