Riot Squad e-liquid review – DirtyCheck No.83

Captain is fortunate enough to meet the e-liquid brand RiotSquad from the UK in the vape exhibition. It rekindles our hope for high-quality and good-taste vape juice.

Riot Squad e-liquid review

Riot Squad e-liquid brand introduction

Riot Squad E-liquid from London, UK, a brand that focuses on the production of e-liquid,
Started in 2016, and has won many e-liquid awards,
The concept of its brand is
“Riot Squad, is not just a Juice, it’s a Lifestyle”

Riot Squad e-liquid review

Riot Squad e-liquid product details

This time Riot Squad’s series focuses on fruit types, of course, they also have desserts, diced salt, etc.
There are 10 flavors to choose from in this series,
3mg and 6mg nicotine ratio optional,
VG: PG is 70:30,
The appearance is featured, similar to a bullet,
In line with Riot Squad’s brand name,
Hardcore, hit vaper’s hearts

Riot Squad e-liquid review

Riot Squad e-liquid taste

Yuzu Grenade
The combination of grapefruit and exciting lemonade is perfect,
Sour and sweet,
Ready to fire like a weapon.

Ultra Peach Tea
Intense sweet peach tea,
It gives you a rock-solid taste.

Tropical Fury
Mixed tropical fruits,
Bring a raging feeling to your Vape experience.
The exotic taste makes you never stop.

Riot Squad e-liquid review

Sub Lime
Sweet and sour oranges,
Sour with lemon,
Bring a magical experience to your taste buds

Rich Black Grape
Black grapes paired with low-key Bosnia and Herzegovina,
It’s like God unveiled the chaos,
Give you a comfort

Raspberry Grenade
The sweetness of raspberry matches the refreshingness of lemonade,
Give you a sense of pleasure like a rain of bullets

Pure Frozen Acai
Pure Acai Berry,
Unique blending

Riot Squad e-liquid review

Pink Grenade
Strawberry and lemonade,
A trace of peace in the flames of war,
Restless but meaningful

Cherry Fizzle
Take a deep breath of the fragrance of cherries,
Then infinitely tease your taste buds,
First sour and then sweet to stimulate your taste buds

Blue Burst
Soak yourself below zero,
Ice blue raspberry with slush,
The sweetness of mint explodes your senses instantly

Riot Squad e-liquid review


Riot Squad e-liquid surprises me.
No matter the e-juice quality,
Or the flavor reduction degree,
It’s really great.
This is an e-liquid that’s able to bring me back to the riot era,
Highly recommend, OK, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy Riot Squad e-liquid

Riot Squad e-liquid review - DirtyCheck No.83

Riot Squad e-liquid price
Riot Squad e-liquid quality
Riot Squad e-liquid taste

Riot Squad e-liquid is impressive. High quality, great taste. Recommended.

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