RELX confirms the safety of cooling agents in vapes

RELX scientific team published SCI papers

On March 24, the scientific team of WuxinTechnology (RELX) published a scientific paper in the global toxicology SCI journal Journal of Applied Toxicology, pointing out that no experimental animals were found to be related to the cooling agent WS-23 Changes in physiological, biochemical and pathological indicators have verified the inhalation safety of the cooling ingredient under the test dosage conditions.

Cooling agent WS-23 is an additive widely used in food, beverage, medicine, electronic atomization and other fields. Previously, research on it has focused on the field of oral use. This study proved for the first time that at the test dose, the aerosolized inhalation cooling agent WS-23 will not bring toxic side effects to experimental animals.

According to reports, this research fills the gap in global toxicology research and is the first time that China’s vape industry has published a paper in an SCI journal (Science Citation Index, Science Citation Index).

Jiang Xingtao, head of the Wuxin Technology Laboratory, said: “Product quality and safety is the biggest concern of Wuxin Technology, and it is also our constant direction and commitment in technology development and scientific research.” Previously, Wuxin Technology Laboratory passed in vitro toxicity tests. The safety of products containing cooling agent WS-23 was verified. This study further explored the inhalation toxicity of specific ingredients. Jiang Xingtao said that in the future, relevant research will be continued to improve the safety standards of RELX’s products and protect the rights and interests of consumers.

RELX confirms the safety of cooling agents in vapes

The research was led by the Wuxin Tech scientific team, and part of the experiment was completed in its physical and chemical laboratory. In the experiment, rats used a special oral and nasal exposure system to inhale and administer solvents and blank solvents in groups, and clean air was used as a blank control group. After the administration period and the recovery period, the researchers evaluated the acute and subacute inhalation toxicity of the cooling agent WS-23 by comparing key indicators.

The acute inhalation toxicity assessment showed that during the administration period and the subsequent 14-day observation period, rats exposed to the limit test dose level (340 mg/m3) had no signs of poisoning; the subacute inhalation toxicity assessment showed that the dose was given on 28 days. During the drug period and the subsequent 28-day recovery period, there were no statistically significant differences in the weight, food intake, organ weight and other data of rats in different groups. Blood, urine, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, histopathology, etc. were examined None showed abnormal changes related to the test substance.

“Studies have confirmed that the maximum tolerated dose for acute inhalation of cooling agent WS-23 in rats is not less than 340 mg/m3, and the NOAEL dose for subacute inhalation is higher than 342.85 mg/m3. After conversion, the safe dosage is much higher than the actual dosage in the RELX electronic atomizer.

This paper is one of the latest achievements of Wuxin Tech’s “1+4” scientific research path. In September 2020, Wuxin Tech announced that it will advance the scientific exploration of electronic atomization through strict product quality + physical and chemical research, toxicological research, clinical research, and long-term impact assessment. This paper is the first publicly published scientific research result in the field of “toxicology research”.

According to reports, Wuxin Tech is advancing a number of basic scientific research work such as the construction of an electronic atomization risk assessment system and clinical safety research. The specific results will be announced in the future.




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