SIGELEI launched Glori refillable pod system on August 16th 2019

SIGELEI held the Summit on the Mission of China’s Electronic Cigarette Industry and Glori New Product Press Trial in Shenzhen on the afternoon of Friday, August 16. And this summit had the theme of Extreme Breakthrough and Different Fireworks. SIGELEI launched the Glori pod system kit product.

sigelei glori

Glori’s electronic cigarette announces the return of SIGELEI and formally enters the domestic market and the pod vape market.

In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic cigarette industry, domestic electronic cigarette brand merchants have received a large amount of capital investment. Internet enterprises have joined the electronic cigarette industry camp. With the rise of RELX, MOTI, FLOW, vvild, SNOWPLUS, YOOZ and other brands, electronic cigarettes have been popularized, and the market competition situation has become increasingly fierce.

sigelei glori

Ou Junbiao emphasized, “At present, the electronic cigarette industry is in the key period to move forward. The craftsman spirit of rigorous, conscientious, excellence and pursuit of perfection is of great significance to the healthy and orderly development of the electronic cigarette industry. As a member of the electronic cigarette industry, SIGELEI will continue to spare no effort to maintain good quality, contribute to the promotion of industry standardization, and provide continuous power to promote the quality revolution made in China.

Sigelei CEO Ou Junbiao
Sigelei CEO Ou Junbiao

As a global leader in high-power box mod vapes, the products developed by SIGELEI (871818. OC) have created many industry first. After nearly 10 years of precipitation, SIGELEI has six world-class brands, SIGELEI, Snowwolf, FUCHAI, VCIGO, KAOS, COMPAK and so on.

Many products have been widely known and loved by consumers all over the world. They are well-sold in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and occupy the leading position in the industry.

Pod vape is the mainstream at present. SIGELEI needs to transform from mod vape to pod vape. Now SIGELEI returns strongly, declaring that it has formally entered the domestic and pod vape market, Glori pod is defined as a pod system product with a sense of mission.

Sigelei Manager Sun Weizhong
Sigelei Manager Sun Weizhong

Glori features itself as “one mouthful of excitement, one mouthful of pleasure”. Sigelei has made great efforts in taste, smoke volume, suction resistance, mouthpiece anti-scalding, anti-burnt, atomizing core materials, and has used a lot of mod vape concepts to improve the experience of the pod vape.

Through product experience, it was found that Glori has a large amount of smoke, which can be inhaled by mouth or by lungs. It has a silky taste and a high degree of flavor fidelity. It looks like eating some fruit when vaping the fruit flavor.

Reviewers try it
Reviewers test it

Another difference with the products on the market is that Glori pod is an open structure, which can be refilled with vape juice. Empty pod are shipped, and special e-liquid is prepared for the pods. There are 8 kinds of e-liquids with the flavors of spring cool mungbean, summer cool black grape, autumn melon and winter crystal sydney, which can keep the unique experience of flavor and safety to the maximum. Users can choose their favorite flavor, refill it on the top of the mouthpeice, and carry out taste DIY.

Participants photo
Participants photo

The event was attended by Huang Guoping, President of Hong Kong Health Association, Vice President of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Chen Dayang, Deputy Secretary-General of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Yang Hongde, Executive Director of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of China Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee, Ou Junbiao, Executive Director of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, and China Electronic Chamber of Commerce. Ao Weinuo, Secretary-General of Electronic Tobacco Industry Committee of Chamber of Commerce, Cao Xiaowei, General Manager of Shenzhen Branch of Chuangwei China Marketing Headquarters, Wan Zhi, Vice General Manager of Chuangwei Overseas Marketing Headquarters, Sun Wei, General Manager of Sigelei, and responsible person of relevant media. We have witnessed the release of the Glori pod vape.



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