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In fact, when it comes to heat not burn products, many vapers resist it more or less.
But what Captain wants to say is there is some reason the HNB exists.
What we’re resisting is actually affected by devices like IQOS, which have a bad user experience.
I believe in China’s technology on the improvement of such devices.
Okay, let’s not talk nonsense, enter our topic today,
ECIGOO heat-not-burn device produced by SLS.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

CIGOO brand introduction

Yunnan CIGOO Technology Co., Ltd. was established by Yunnan Henggang Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Lvxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. that reached a strategic cooperation agreement. CIGOO will, under this in-depth joint venture and cooperation between the two parties, create a precedent for the successful marriage of technology and market, original achievements and capital platform in the HNB field, which is different from the simple investment operation of the traditional e-cigarette industry. It will help to systematically improve the core competitiveness of new domestic tobacco products; it will help accelerate the entry of Chinese HNB products into the international market; it will also be more conducive to the overall transformation and upgrading of China HNB industry, making strides to a new level of industrial development, and letting Chinese manufacturing go to the world!

CIGOO focuses on new tobacco products, intensifies innovation, leads new trends in the market, and strives to create new industrial support and profit growth points. The two companies will build a relatively independent professional platform, and are committed to becoming the industry pioneer in the future. They will move forward and drive together; gather resources and go hand in hand to create a better future together.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

SLS ECIGOO parameters

Product size: 15mm*23mm*88mm*
Maximum power: 24W
Battery capacity: 650mAh
Charging port: Micro USB
Charging time: 90Min
Number of puffs: 12±1 puffs
Package weight: 33g
Heating element: ceramic heater
Cigarette battery life: 9-12 cigarette cartridges(full power)

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

SLS ECIGOO kit content

1*Micro USB data cable
1*Product Manual
1*Warranty card
1*Box of CIGOO cartridges

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

Diamond silver, deep forest green, ruby, classic black

SLS ECIGOO features

Heater half-open port
Effectively prevent burns from misoperation
Tobacco ash cleaning is more convenient

Food grade material
High temperature resistant, safer suction experience

Perfectly adapted to HEETS, CIGOO
Special φ7.2mm cartridge
No burning, no odor, no soot
With CIGOO pure natural non-tobacco cartridges
Create customized tobacco taste and experience harm reduction smoking

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

Based on ceramic chip components,
More efficient central heating,
Quick preheat to baking temperature,
The cigarette is heated more fully and evenly,
Feel the rich taste at close range.

Intelligent temperature control system,
Keep the taste stable,
The smoke is warm but not hot.

Accurate counting algorithm,
Accurate counting 12±1 puffs,
Each cigarette cartridge is delivered just right,
No dry burning, zero tar,
Provide the best smoking experience.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

SLS ECIGOO user experience

The operation is very simple, 5 presses on the power button to turn on,
It is also a child lock design of this device,
Insert the cartridge and press the power button for 2 seconds,
Wait for the body to vibrate by itself, then you can smoke on it.
Captain made about 13 puffs.
If you can’t smoke so much at a time, you can press and hold the ignition button for 2 seconds to turn off the heating,
Continue next time,
If you take a draw long enough every time, one cartridge can last 4 minutes.
But it is not recommended to run it for 4 minutes continuously.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

The machine outside temperature is a bit high,
Although it is safe, the experience is not good enough,
In this later stage, I also hope that the brand pay attention to it.
The heating temperature experience feels very good,
The right temperature is neither too high nor too low,
It’s just right.
The setting of this smoking resistance also restores the resistance of real cigarettes.
There are four flavors of the cartridge,
They are tobacco, cold melon, mint, and strong mocha.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

The taste is very good,
Those familiar with this kind of low-temperature HNB know,
When the cartridge is heated, the smell is a bit like Chinese medicine,
Is not a harmful gas,
You can rest assured.
Just from the analysis of taste,
All aspects of flavor restoration are very good.
Especially Mocha,
Is my favorite taste.
The coffee fragrance is very strong.
There is no doubt about the throat hit and buzz,
They have reached the feeling of real smoking,
Captain Dirty is even in deep buzz and feels kind of dizzy.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review


With the continuous expansion and innovation of the HNB market,
HNB product is becoming more and more popular and scientific.
They’re not only reasonable in price,
There are also technological innovations.
This ECIGOO device is suitable for heavy smokers.
Friends who want to quit smoking instead of smoking for the sake of health,
Regardless of the taste control of the cartridge,
Or the processing details on the device,
This ECIGOO is doing very well.
The cleaning of ceramic heater is very convenient,
It can be cleaned well with a cotton swab,
However, inserting and fixing the cartridge is actually user friendly,
It is recommended to use some small designs to fix the cartridges tighter.
Although this device needs to be upgraded on the disadvantages of heating,
But at least Captain thinks,
This is indeed a good smoking cessation product.
I hope that their later flavors can also be updated soon.
To meet more demanding consumers,
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

Where to buy SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette reviewSLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

SLS ECIGOO machine price
SLS ECIGOO cartridge price
SLS ECIGOO consumption speed

SLS ECIGOO device is suitable for heavy smokers, good for quitting smoking. Cleaning it is easy and convenient. With a little heating disadvantage. Overall, it's very good.

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