SMISS Vape Operation Center is officially established

The SMISS Brand Operations Center was officially established on April 29, 2019. The SMISS Brand Operations Center aims to aggregate a large number of talent resources, channel resources, research and development resources, and focus on building the SMISS e-cigarette brand on a global scale. Plan and develop the global development strategy and marketing activities of the SMISS brand, enhance the brand image, and build SMISS into a new benchmark brand in the global e-cigarette field under the premise of making full use of the existing resource conditions and market influence of SMISS. Members of the SMISS Brand Operations Center team have a global vision of strategic vision with a keen sense of smell in the market, and it has an average of more than 15 years of experience in global brand operations. In the past, many well-known brands have been successfully incubated by SMISS in the field of vapes.


SMISS will be rooted in the domestic market and serve the vast number of agents, distributors and end consumers with differentiated strategies. With the strong overseas channel strength, SMISS will develop different transnational strategies in different countries. “We are very excited about the establishment of the SMISS Brand Operations Center. This is an important milestone in the key stage of our SMISS brand development and reflects our determination to continue to strengthen the team’s brand operation capabilities.” This is the common aspiration of the SMISS executive team!

At the same time, Mr. Chen Jiatai, the chairman of the company, and Mr. Zhao Chengzhi, the general manager of the company, agreed that “In recent years, China has become the core breeding place for many e-cigarette brands, and will continue to flourish and become the world’s top e-cigarette manufacturing center and brand breeding center. In such a grand background, SMISS can be expected to do much better in the future”

SMISS global brand layout is established

SMISS started in the OEM production, and production capacity and quality control ability is precisely the basic skills of hardware. Over the years, SMISS has experienced everything from OEM production to brand incubation, from the US market to global sales, and has become more stable on the ground.
The establishment of the SMISS brand operation center means that it has taken a professional and systematic step on the road of “brand incubation”, which is of great significance. As a fast-growing new brand, SMISS will strengthen the quality self-discipline as the definition of the e-cigarette industry standard, and shoulder the international top brands.
At the same time, SMISS will update the consumer experience of e-cigarettes, and strive for a breakthrough in innovation, bringing a new vaping experience to consumers around the world. In addition, SMISS has clearly defined its brand development goals: to complete the global market layout within three years, and to build SMISS into a first-line brand in the field of electronic cigarettes.

Brand Operation Concept: Brand Marketing + Product Quality > 2 

E-cigarettes have entered the stage of intensifying brand competition. In order to complete the consumer’s mental occupation, the products must speak, and the brands must know how to sell them. In the SMISS brand operation process, brand marketing can be light in the early stage, but research and development, quality control, and production must be done. A good product will speak in itself. Of course, brand marketing is also the key. The establishment of the SMISS brand operation center will greatly enhance the brand operation capability, and achieve the “product quality” and “brand marketing” success!

Overseas companies are preparing to step by step

As global business transactions become more frequent, planning for marketing network sites around the world is a key move. SMISS will set up sales service organizations in key countries around the world to capture market information more quickly and provide partners with the highest quality service in the first time.

Young, stylish, and imposing office environment

smiss smiss smiss smiss

Let the environment know more about employees, let employees love life, work in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, without losing rigor and tension. This is the working atmosphere that SMISS has always advocated. Easy and stressful, lively and rigorous, the inspiration for brand marketing will be more exciting here!

Create a new global benchmark


Accurate product positioning and differentiated marketing strategies, coupled with a dedicated business brand operation team, in this great global industry track, the future of SMISS is infinite!


Shenzhen SMISS Technology Co., Ltd. was established on July 7, 2012. It is a comprehensive private enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

Mainly engaged in disposable electronic cigarettes, recyclable electronic cigarettes, high-power electronic cigarettes, new tobacco smoking equipment and electronic cigarette accessory products. The company has gathered a large number of highly educated, high-quality, professional e-cigarette R&D and design talents, introduced a modern management model of informationization, systemization, process and standardization, and formulated a complete quality control standard. R&D and quality control personnel accounted for more than 20% of the company’s total employee number.

The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, 13485\2003 medical device system certification, GB/T 29490 enterprise intellectual property management standard certification, and won the honorary title of “Shenzhen high-tech enterprise” and “national high-tech enterprise”. The products are certified by the authority to complete the certification. The company specializes in the research and development of “health safe electronic cigarette”, adhering to the research and development concept of “design first, technology follow-up, continuous innovation, never ending”, established four brands, and obtained domestic and international practical new inventions and appearance patents totaling more than 360 items.

In 2015, SMISS USA was formally established, which promoted the development and promotion speed of independent brands in overseas markets, and provided important information for product development, market research and development direction. In the same year, the company officially cooperated with China Tobacco Guiyan Co., Ltd., opening a new era of SMISS development.

SMISS knows that only by constantly innovating and surpassing, and pursuing the ultimate, can they stand out in the highly competitive market and stand out from the crowd. Over the years, SMISS has never forgotten its ambitions and is committed to becoming a leader in the development of innovative vape devices and a healthy green enterprise trusted by vapers around the world. The company has made continuous breakthroughs in technological innovation. SMISS also has a broad sense of sentiment and pattern, bearing in mind the corporate mission of creating value and returning to society. Since 2013, the company has continued to fund dozens of poor mountain children to solve their schooling problems. It also adheres to the management philosophy of “employees are the real masters of the company” and establishes an internal love fund to help more “SMISS people” in need.

With perfect organizational structure, reasonable planning layout and clear strategic goals, SMISS has maintained rapid growth for many years. The products are exported to more than 30 countries in Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia. SMISS adheres to the principle of “people-oriented, honest management and pragmatic refinement”. With the corporate tenet of “mutual benefit and win-win”, SMILL is willing to cooperate with SMISS customers, suppliers and employees to work hard together to realize their dreams and build a better tomorrow.


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