SMOK RPM2 Kit review – DirtyCheck No.87

Many friends joking that there is no all-in-one mod device recently.
So today it is coming, still an old friend from Captain Dirty.
It’s RPM2 kit produced by SMOK
As an upgraded product of RPM, what’s different in it?

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

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SMOK RPM2 Kit parameters/ specifications

The overall shape still maintains the style of the RPM series,
Compared to the previous RPM series, the shape of this one is relatively sleek.
The size is 108.5mm x 31mm x 28.5mm,
Very portable.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

The 1.14-inch display of the device is splendid.
Compared to the previous RPM series screen, this UI design is beautiful as well.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

80W power better meet the requirements of box mod vapers,
2000mAh with type-c interface, high battery endurance.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

The standard 7mL e-liquid tank is also a guarantee of endurance.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

The atomizer core is standard here,
RPM2 Mesh 0.16ohm Coil adapted to PRM2 cabin,
And PRM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil.
All mesh cores ensure the ultimate mod vaping experience

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

In terms of color, SMOK is always reassuring,
There are 6 colors for vapers to choose.
And there are panels with corresponding colors on the back,
It looks really pretty。

SMOK RPM2 Kit review SMOK RPM2 Kit review

SMOK RPM2 Kit user experience

RPM2 gave me many surprises.
The first is the feeling on hand.
Solid weight and texture.
Very advanced, the craftsmanship is indeed a benchmark position in the industry,
The button feedback is very fast,
The trigger speed of 0.001s makes it easy to use

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

RPM2 Mesh 0.16ohm Coil vaping experience

Because it is a mesh core, Captain suggests to give up the dessert compound e-juice.
It is better to choose a single flavor or a complex fruit flavor,
Captain here uses 0mg elemental blood orange.
The smoke explodes, while ensuring the mellow taste,
The feeling is great, and the sound after ignition is not as loud as the previous RPM
This is very good.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

PRM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil vaping experience

Vaped with CherryFizzle 3mg anti-riot force e-liquid,
The sweetness and slightly sour cherries behave very well.
It’s a little sweeter because of the mesh core,
But does not affect the overall experience,
The smoke is still pretty good,
The vaping details are slightly better than the 0.16ohm core.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review


As an upgraded version of the PRM series,
Naturally, it won’t disappoint friends who love mod vaping.
Captain personally feel that in the same type of machines,
This RPM2 is undoubtedly the most powerful competitor.
Whether it is material, appearance, or processing, it’s at a high level.
Do you like this mod kit?
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time~

Where to buy SMOK RPM2 Kit 

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

SMOK RPM2 Kit design
SMOK RPM2 Kit taste
SMOK RPM2 Kit endurance
SMOK RPM2 Kit price

As an upgraded version of the PRM series, SMOK RPM2 Kit won't disappoint friends who love mod vaping. Whether it is material, appearance, or processing, it's at a high level.

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