Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about Cannabis is rolling a joint. Smoking Cannabis is one of the most popular ways of consuming it. And including tobacco with Cannabis has been quite a common occurrence in several parts of Europe. However, the practice is almost a crime to the Cannabis enthusiasts of South America, Canada, and USA regions.

Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

The debate on why or why not to use tobacco with Cannabis has some valid facts and arguments on each side. And if you would like to get an unbiased view of them both, then here are five pros and cons of using Cannabis with tobacco you need to explore.

The Pros

You can enjoy more THC.

Most Cannabis strains contain a fair share of CBD, even if the dominant cannabinoid is THC. Based on the ratio of the two cannabinoids, the presence of CBD reduces the intensity of the effect of THC on the body to give a subtle high. Also, the efficiency of available THC goes down when you smoke Cannabis. It could mean you are barely utilizing the true potential of the bud. But a touch of tobacco with Cannabis means that there is a steep increase in the levels of THC, sometimes even double states a study. This way, you can get high faster and enjoy a rather intense high with the same substance using tobacco.

You get a distinct high.

Some THC intense strains can have a cloudy effect on your brain, and make you feel distorted. The use of tobacco with Cannabis gives a pleasant high instead of an intense, overpowering feeling. Nicotine and Cannabis both have euphoria-inducing properties. So, the combination of the ingredients can give you a blissful and cherishable high. It can help you stay focussed, which is suitable for creative work after smoking Cannabis. You can select  from a broad range of seeds for various cultivation methods and try to grow your own Cannabis for smoking.

Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

Your high can last longer.

Tobacco is the cheapest addition to your Cannabis to make sure you enjoy a deep and long high. The effects of combining nicotine with THC ensures the high lasts longer than a pure joint. You can relish a more extended session with your buddies, even with a small amount of Cannabis. For example, if a pure joint would take anywhere between 1 gram to give a hard high, half of the substance would be enough to provide you with almost the same effects when you add tobacco to it.

Your joint will burn longer and better.

Adding tobacco to your joint makes it easier to smoke, as pure joints burn out faster and require lighting up many times in between. The buds and flowers cannot gradually burn, like tobacco. The burning is smooth and effortless in tobacco, which makes the experience a lot more fun and efficient. Also, when we talk about using alternatives to Cannabis flowers, such as hash, the mixture requires the presence of tobacco or any other herb to make a joint, or it wouldn’t burn properly. To buy hash online Canada is the best place to explore some good choices of high-quality products.

Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

It adds flavor to the plant.

Cannabis has an earthy, pungent smell that may not feel good for a few people. But adding tobacco will give the usual smell of a cigarette, which might be more tolerable for smokers. In the case of some flavorful Cannabis strains, the blend can be enjoyable.


The Cons

Tobacco is the reason for health problems.

Tobacco smoke can hurt your lungs in several ways and cause chronic respiratory ailments in the future. The tar deposit could influence lung capacity and lead to problems such as cancer. Eliminating tobacco from your Cannabis joint ensures that you are not exposed to toxic smoke containing tobacco particles.

Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

Also, tobacco takes away the oxygen required for your skin cells to process damage and regenerate healthy cells to look fabulous. Eliminating the substance and using only Cannabis can benefit your skin in many ways, such as removing age signs, improving skin texture and glow, and even eliminate problems such as acne. But remember, smoke from Cannabis can also have side effects after continuous usage. It is better to look for alternatives such as edibles, tinctures, oils to consume pure Cannabis.

You can enjoy the raw flavors of Cannabis.

Cannabis enthusiasts understand how the quality of weed is truly reflected by the smell, flavors, and feel of the buds. While smoking the buds, the smell gives away if it has any chemical adulterants, and if it is a high-quality product. The aromatic experience of cherishing the earthy flavors of Cannabis with a touch of strain-specific flavonoids is exciting. It is a part of the experience and is best enjoyed without mixing tobacco.

There is a reduced chance of addiction.

The interaction of nicotine with tobacco occurs at the opioid receptors sites. So, the substance creates an addiction in users. The urge to consume nicotine is very hard to resist. Using tobacco with Cannabis could increase the risk of addiction. Pure Cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 and CB2 receptors that show no signs of addiction. It is possible to use Cannabis for both medicinal as well as recreational purposes without risking addiction, making it the ideal way to use the plant.

You can enjoy the benefits of Cannabis better.

Cannabis can have therapeutic value to aid in the treatment of several mental ailments, including depression, anxiety, insomnia. The combination of nicotine and cannabinoids create a more intense high that could make you hyperactive or focussed and sometimes cause disturbances. It makes it impossible for the body to feel relaxed or at ease to enjoy a healthy rest period. Using tobacco with Cannabis to treat insomnia or other ailments depending on the relaxing properties of Cannabis is counterproductive.

Smoking Cannabis With Tobacco: 5 Pros & Cons Of Pure Cannabis

It keeps your olfactory senses intact.

With time, using tobacco can affect your taste buds and sense of smell. Giving up tobacco helps slowly retrieve your senses back in order. Cannabis, on the other hand, has the exact opposite effect and sensitizes your olfactory capabilities to enjoy the nuances of the things around you. Similarly, using pure Cannabis does not cause stains on the teeth, unlike tobacco, and keeps your gorgeous smile intact.

The best way to avoid using tobacco and Cannabis together would be to explore a range of vape juices. The substance contains some elegant flavors and Cannabis extracts to elevate your experience. Also, you can choose from a wide range of Cannabis products such as gummies, candies, lotions, balms, saves, creams, drinks, which are also efficient ways of enjoying the dominant cannabinoids of the plant in a subtle manner. You can try Cannabis with and without tobacco to understand which of two methods makes you feel most comfortable and choose between them.

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