Snowplus Alien pod system review: a larger pod capacity for more durable use

Snowplus Alien is another pod system from Snowplus that features its larger 2ml pod capacity taking use of FEELM technology.

Compared to the previous Snowplus Pro and Lite 1.5ml pod, the new Alien pod made with FEELM technology is 0.5ml larger than the old one.

Accordin to the Ihsu Yoon, the SnowPlus Alien commercial director, ” Ranfilm, the production company, approached me and said the client wanted to see the product in the universe environment in the concept film.
I came up with the story of Alien’s awakening and majestic launch on the “Vapor Planet” for the epic journey to the Earth.” Source

Snowplus Alien pod system specifications/ parameters

Pod capacity: 2ml

Nicotine strength: 3%,5%

Battery: 390mAh

Package content: 1 device, 1 type-c cable, 1 user manual

Origin of the name Alien

As far as VAPEHK is concerned, the new device is named Alien because its design style and technology used are much more different from previous Snowplus products.

Snowplus Alien takes use of rectangle body shape abandoning its sleek and rounder appearance of Snowplus Classic/ Pro editions. And it makes use of the FEELM ceramics heating core replacing its original TrueFeel cotton heating core.

Above are the thoughts of VAPEHK, while according to the official saying, the name Alien symbolizes a spirit of exploring the unknown of the vast universe.

Snowplus Alien pod system flavors

There are Mint, Orange Juice, Watermelon, Passion Fruit, and Peach flavors for this closed prefilled starter kit. The watermelon tastes best, while the orange juice flavor is just so so.

E-juice leakage shows up more or less in most pods, while the leakage volume is at an acceptable level. Overall, the flavor taste is at the middle level, or a little up the middle level. Better than most disposable vapes.

Since SnowPlus Alien isn’t widely launched on the global market yet, and the one we got is for internal review only, the later real edition of Snowplus Alien for the international market would be much better than we got.

Where to buy SnowPlus Alien starter kit 1

Where to buy SnowPlus Alien starter kit 2

Snowplus Alien pod capacity
Snowplus Alien taste
Snowplus Alien flavors
Snowplus Alien leakage-proofness
Snowplus Alien hand feel
Snowplus Alien e-juice spitback proofness

Snowplus Alien pod system comes with a large capacity pod for more durable use. Overall, it's not bad.

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Richard Balubal
Richard Balubal
2 years ago

Hi how to order? Do you have any other color available?

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