SnowPlus Go disposable vape review: A chewing gum shaped disposable for convenient vaping

Have you ever seen some vape shaped just like Green Arrow chewing gum? What you’re going to see today is the SnowPlus Go disposable vape with a shape just like this. This special shape makes the Snowplus Go not only easy to carry and stealthy, but also a convenient tool to getting social.

SnowPlus Go specifications

Endurance: 350 puffs
Strength: 3%
Pod capacity: 1.3ML
Coil resistance: 1.8 ohm
Atomizing core: Cotton
Ingredients: glycerin, propylene glycol, flavors, nicotine
Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS

Since the size and shape of SnowPlus Go are almost like a piece of chewing gum, the parameters of this disposable are not as comprehensive as a pod vape. like Snowplus Pro. The e-juice capacity of one SnowPlus Go equals half of a commonly seen cartridge for pod vape.

However, the key selling point of this disposable lies in its tiny size.

SnowPlus Go advantages

Box mod vapers are obsessed with bragging about their devices’ good taste & high performance, and playing all kinds of vaping tricks; pod vapers love the convenience of pod vapes, and indulge themselves in them; while Snowplus Go vapers are ready to share the joy of vaping to others at an extremely low cost and in a sanitary way.

This 5 USD device is cheaper than cigarettes, easy to carry, and comes without heavy damage to the body and pollution to the air like cigarettes, while can be shared with others just like cigarette piece by piece. It takes in the good side of cigarettes while leaving the bad side alone. So Snowplus Go is a great tool to make vapers more social and popular.

Meanwhile, the tiny size of Snowplus Go makes it hard to be noticed and found by others. Not like conventional disposables like Puff Bar, Kangvape, or HQD, holding Snowplus Go in hand feels like holding a piece of smooth and thin paper, and this thickness deserved to be called a miracle in the history of vapes.

SnowPlus Go flavors

There are Vanilla Ice Cream, Tropical Breeze, Melon Berry Twist, Lychee Ice, Mango Ice flavors for Snowplus Go. After our test, Mango ice tastes best, while the tropical breeze produces a strange and bad smell. However, you’ll get used to this new flavor in 2 or 3 days. Overall, it’s not bad. Some disposable brands with good flavor names taste just like water, while all the flavors of SnowPlus Go are there and not lost, the taste of Snowplus Go is at an upper-middle level. And it’s not an easy thing for this tiny size.

Where to buy SnowPlus Go disposable

SnowPlus Go disposable size
SnowPlus Go disposable taste
SnowPlus Go disposable vapor amount
SnowPlus Go disposable capacity
SnowPlus Go disposable price

SnowPlus Go disposable vape features its innovative shape and tiny size. Good choice for instant and convenient vaping.

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