Vapes are sold well online on the first day of the announcement from China Tobacco

At present, until 10 o’clock this morning, the e-commerce platform didn’t get off the shelves of vapes, and many products sold well within 24 hours after the issuance of the online sales ban, with a daily sales volume of over 1000.

Vapes are sold well online on the first day of the announcement from China Tobacco
Vapes sold online

The emergence of e-cigarettes has created a new curve. The U.S. Department of health has issued a group of data, which shows that the smoking habits of teenagers that are about to be solved are almost rekindled by e-cigarettes with their own efforts, and efforts to establish a healthy lifestyle for many years have been wasted.

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A variety of online sales of electronic cigarettes are still involved in the “double 11 shopping festival” promotion.

The official website of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued a notice on November 1, which said, “to prevent minors from purchasing and smoking electronic cigarettes through the Internet, from the date of issuance of this notice, the enterprises or individuals engaged in the production and sale of electronic cigarettes shall be urged to close the Internet sales website or client in a timely manner; the e-commerce platform shall be urged to close the e-cigarettes shop in a timely manner and remove the electronic cigarettes products from the shelves in a timely manner; and the e-commerce platform shall be urged to close the e-cigarettes shop in a timely manner. Tobacco production and sales enterprises or individuals should withdraw the electronic cigarette advertisements published through the Internet. ”

On November 2, reporters saw on Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Pinduoduo and other e-commerce platforms that a large number of e-cigarette products were still sold, including a monthly sales volume of e-cigarette shipped from Shenzhen that exceeded 40000 sets, and many e-cigarette products also displayed the “double 11” promotion logo. A number of e-cigarette sellers told reporters that they have not received the notice of off shelf e-cigarettes, and customers can still purchase e-cigarettes from online stores normally.

As for the news that the two departments urged the online sale of e-cigarettes to be removed from the shelves, the customer service of RELX e-cigarettes flagship store said that the company was discussing relevant solutions and was waiting for specific notice. “We haven’t received any notice about the sales of double 11 yet, and (consumers) can buy normally and enjoy after-sales protection at present,” said customer service. The customer service of Soyee’s flagship store also said that they had not received the corresponding notice.

Taobao customer service didn’t give a clear response to whether the e-cigarettes were removed from the shelves, saying that consumers could report any illegal products. Jingdong customer service said it has seen news about banning online sales of e-cigarettes, but has not yet received specific notice details. If it receives the notice, it will cooperate with related products off the shelves.


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