USA schools start to use metal detection equipment to stop students vaping

In order to prevent students from vaping, some schools in the United States have begun to use metal detection equipment to stop the possible vaping among students.

Some schools in the United States are launching a new and stricter program to prevent students from smoking electronic cigarettes in and around junior high school buildings.

According to the E-cigarette Home news, on March 29, Hamilton School officials declared, “When high school students return from spring vacation, they will be greeted by the search of e-cigarette equipment.”

Last year, the FDA launched various actions to severely restrict the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. In September 2018, five manufacturers, JUUL, Vuse of Anglo-American Tobacco, Mark Ten of Altria, Blu electronic cigarettes of Imperial Brand and Logic of Japanese Tobacco, were required to submit plans to reduce the use of electronic cigarettes by teenagers within 60 days. Now schools are also taking action to prevent students from the use of electronic cigarettes.

School leaders said they would use hand-held metal detectors to randomly search students, including student lockers and any vehicles parked on campus.

Once students are detected using electronic cigarette equipment, they will also undergo urine analysis within 48 hours.

In a letter to parents in grades 7 to 12, Mike Holbrooke, director of Hamilton School, said, “The search will begin on April 8, the end of the week-long spring break, and on the students’return day.”

“Specially trained school workers will conduct random checks on students and will continue to do so for some time to come.” Holbrooke adds, “Some students who make school staff suspicious will be the focus of the search.”

“Use metal detectors to search every possible student daily and randomly, and this can be done at any time during school. The scope of the search includes the belongings of the students, lockers, vehicles and other necessary items.

“In fact, the examination of students is not random, but the result of reasonable speculation about violations of student codes of conduct or regulations,” Holbrooke explained.

Hamilton and other schools, both locally and nationally, have launched a campaign to prevent teenagers from using electronic cigarettes.

In view of the illegal behavior of some domestic vendors selling electronic cigarettes to students, it is incumbent upon the electronic cigarette vendors to establish a good image of the electronic cigarette industry and improve social credibility.

Vape hk firmly oppose the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors!


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