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Suorin Drop 2 pod system kit review: a good taste pod mod for higher evaporated e-liquid particle fineness

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Suorin Drop 2 pod system kit taste
Suorin Drop 2 pod system kit vaping performance
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Suorin Drop 2 is a pod system kit with good taste, a unique &beautiful design, and excellent vaping performance.

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The designer of the Suorin team must be a genius or artist, I’m just wondering why every product from them looks so cool and awesome! Today I bring you the Suorin Drop 2 pod system kit, the ultimate in design and workmanship.

Suorin Drop 2 at a glance

Suorin Drop 2 hands-on

Suorin Drop 2 is not merely good-looking, its taste is much better than SUORIN ACE. SUORIN ACE as a small pod mod may produce and emit hot clouds on lips. However, the actual taste is not mature. I mean, the cloud may taste warm, but the particles of e-liquids are not fine or uniform. Suorin Drop 2 doesn’t have the same issue and works like an upgraded edition with a better vaping performance.

Not like disposables that are set to the best vaping state, what matters to pod mods like Drop 2 with a higher power is the evaporated particle fineness. Drop 2 has realized a high degree of evaporated particle fineness, so the taste is excellent with my premium e-liquid.

I think Suorin Drop 2 realizes a smooth draw with a gratifying throat hit by its longer air tunnel and a spacious vaping pod in its unique water drop shape. The bigger e-liquid particles have condensated in the air tunnel while small and refined ones are inhaled by vapers, giving vapers a silky throat hit.

Same as the ACE device, fingerprints are also inevitable for Drop 2. However, it doesn’t matter to me. Not a big deal for a rough man.

Suorin Drop 2 Specs and Features

Size: 78 x 52 x 17mm
Battery: 1000mAh Built-In
E-Liquid Capacity: 3.7ml (TPD Version 2.0ml)
Display: LED Indicators
Resistance range: Not specified
Pods: Refillable, fixed coil
Hidden fire button activation
Output Wattage: 14W max
Airflow – No adjustment
Charging: Via USB-C Port


Suorin Drop 2 is great after my test. Rest assured use it for a better vaping experience.

Where to buy Suorin Drop 2 @$26.99


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