• Healthvape health

    Is There Any Health Benefit Of Vaping

    For years, scientists have been gathering proof that shows vaping is a safer substitute to regular smoking. Many studies conducted in the UK clarified that the people who switched to vaping from conventional cigarette feel better after doing so. Study suggests vaping may decrease smoking-associated health concerns: Do you know…

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  • ALDsimo 3.0

    ALD: Thinking and discussion on the development of domestic vape industry

    ALD Xu Taoxu shared his views on the development of electronic cigarettes in China. In this sharing, Xu said that the development of electronic cigarettes in China is relatively rapid in the past two years, which has a very close relationship with the development of electronic cigarettes abroad. Once the…

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  • Brandsvape testing equipment machine

    9 major e-cigarette testing equipment

    In addition to the detection of nicotine in vape juice, the quality of atomizers and batteries in vape is also one of the issues we should pay attention to. Atomizer quality testing items mainly include resistance value, air flow, smoke volume, oil leakage and working temperature detection. Battery quality detection…

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