• Indiaindia vape ban

    India’s finance minister: India will ban electronic cigarettes altogether

    India’s finance minister, Sitharaman, said he would ban the production, manufacture, import and export, transport, sale, storage and advertising of electronic cigarettes in India, according to the website of New Delhi Television on September 18th. Sitharaman said that considering the impact of e-cigarettes on people’s health, especially on the health…

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  • IndiaIndia Ministry of Commerce and Industry vape

    Battle between the 2 ministries on vape import in India

    According to a memorandum issued by Reuters, India Ministry of Commerce and Industry said there was no legal basis for banning imports of electronic cigarettes by India Directorate General of Health Services, Inc42 Media reported. In February 2019, the DGHS issued an order banning the sale, manufacture, distribution, trade, import…

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