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    Is There Any Health Benefit Of Vaping

    For years, scientists have been gathering proof that shows vaping is a safer substitute to regular smoking. Many studies conducted in the UK clarified that the people who switched to vaping from conventional cigarette feel better after doing so. Study suggests vaping may decrease smoking-associated health concerns: Do you know…

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  • Vaping Knowledgevape novolty

    How To Vape Benevolently At Workplace

    We get so many questions regarding vape etiquette, whether it is on a restaurant patio or at the park, but nothing has our consumers more baffled than how to vape benevolently at workplace. Here is our say: Know your office policies: Having a clear idea about the policies set by…

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  • Vaping KnowledgeGuide To Buying Your Starter Vaping Kit

    Guide To Buying Your Starter Vaping Kit

    Buying the best starter kit is by no means an easy task. There’re several features you’ve to take into consideration when looking to buy your first vape kit. Listed below are some of them: The size of the e-cig: This is certainly the first thing that one wants to check…

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  • Brands

    Top Four Mint Flavored E Juices to Try

    Ejuice is one of the most trending things in the world today! Its craze and popularity is increasing day after day. And this craze for ejuice has made manufacturers to create several new and unique flavors that would be loved by vapers of every age! Among the various flavors in…

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  • Vaping Knowledge

    How Do You Choose the Right Vape Juice for Yourself?

    With the availability of so many flavors, most vapers still face difficulty in choosing the right vape juice. Your choice depends on PG – Propylene Glycol, VG – Vegetable Glycerin or mixture of both. Each and every type gives a great difference in taste, feel and the amount of vapor…

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