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Interview with Yang from Team Mist (Starry Sky pod mod) – DirtyCheck No.79

Although under the influence of the epidemic, fewer friends are coming to the IECIE vape show, we still have something to share with you. Today Captain Dirty takes you into the story behind the brand of Team Mist and its product Starry Sky pod mod (One device for different pods from different brands – put the pod inside the box to vape).

Team mist Starry Sky POD MOD Team mist Starry Sky POD MOD Team mist Starry Sky POD MOD

Interview with Mr. Yang from Team Mist

Team mist Starry Sky POD MOD

Captain: Hello, Yang. What kind of opportunity brought you into contact with the e-cigarette industry?

Yang: It’s my friends from other places that go back to their hometown and have a bar party! Very interesting gadget.

Captain: What do you think of the electronic cigarette industry now?

Yang: The potential is great. After all, it can really help the public to reduce damage to their health. It will be much better after the regulation!

Captain: Because we have known each other for a long time, is there any obsession with continuing to stick to the e-cigarette industry in recent years?

Yang: Because I am not like someone who intended to quit smoking, I stopped the addiction of two packs of cigarettes a day on the way of playing with vapes. I found that as long as we use it properly, it can completely help smokers, so every time 1 customer or friend get success, I was very happy to hear the good news!

Captain: It is indeed a more real experience, very interesting and meaningful.

We also know that you have been trying to develop something by yourself. How do you think about it?

Yang: Actually, I really want to strive for perfection, but later I found it’s to take unnecessary pains to study an insignificant problem.

I wanted to achieve high quality and low price both, so I wasted a lot of time and took a lot of detours.

Captain: It seems to be more tortuous, but I believe this is also your precious experience.

So in the case of such a popular pod vape market background, why did you choose to make box mod vapes?

Yang: Because the market is currently full of similar pod vapes in China.

But the box mod is actually a core element in vape, and its playability and fun are much more.

Even if I don’t do it, someone will do it. It’s just a matter of time!

Captain: It makes sense. I agree with this point very much.

So what was your original intention for making this box?

Yang: I want to make friends who touch it in early times to learn that there are really many things and specialties in vape.

And in terms of versatility to achieve a multi-purpose state, truly achieve the cost performance!

Captain: Yes, the threshold for newbie brands seems to be lower than before, but it is also more difficult.

Can you give us an official introduction to your products now?

Yang: Of course, in the early stage, it can be used with some mainstream pod vape pods/cartridges.

And it is presented in a built-in way, avoiding the shortcomings of unsightly exposed cartridges.

Added the diversity of replaceable panels and 510 drip nozzles,

You can do DIY of different pods from different brands without buying more devices while using it. (One device for different pods from different brands – put the pod inside the box to vape)

In the later period, the self-contained mold atomization system will be updated, so that the same device can also enjoy the extra atomization experience.

From prefilled to refillable to DIY, this will be the biggest feature of the universal and compatible device. It’s the end game of all pod devices.

Captain: I feel that this setting is very suitable for the current market. How will the product be upgraded later?

This is actually my biggest concern, because you also know that there are too many brands for playing tricks.

Yang: It will add more fun versatility. It will be kept secret for the time being, HAHAHAHA, but I am sure that we are definitely not playing tricks we are really starting from the experience.

Captain: HAHAHAHA, you arouse my interest by selling like this, it’s great.

There are many people who came to your booth today. How is the product feedback in this exhibition?

Yang: After many user merchants came to watch and play, according to their personal standards, it will be one of the brightest products in the entire exhibition.
The feedback is dazzling, and it is also one of our surprises!

Captain: Cool, I think this is a kind of affirmation, very good.

I am personally curious about this brand. Does the brand logo have any special meaning?

Yang: The source of the logo is actually the two subtitles ms within the overall Team Mist.
Xiaowu wants to continue a popular brand in accordance with the attitude of a group!

Captain: I think the concept of a group is very good. It is very cool to pursue excellence.

Ask a question that consumers care about, is the product pricing strategy mid-to-high-end or mid-range?

Yang: Our original intention was cost-effectiveness, so of course the price will be close to the state of being close to more consumers.

While perfecting every detail and accessories, to make users feel that the value is worth the money, that is the result we want!

Captain: Yes, regardless of the defined price, the pursuit of cost performance is what consumers really need.

I saw that you also have various DIY panels at this exhibition, but they are all prototype types. Are there any problems?

Yang: Uh, yes, there are indeed some technical problems, but they don’t affect shipments.
In fact, what we need most is to communicate directly with customers, listen to their opinions and ideas, and wait for the official machine to come out to win word of mouth.

Captain: I really didn’t expect this. There are some craftsman emotions in it.
It’s true to focus on direct conversations with consumers to get more good results, very detailed.
Last question, do you know the slogan of TrueToy? HAHAHA

Yang: Well, I really understand it. It probably means how we play Vape. All the highlights are in TrueToy, right?

Captain: hahahaha, it’s almost like that. I also wish your products will sell well after the show!

Yang: Thank you!

Team mist Starry Sky POD MOD

Final words

Indeed in the current blind vape era, the threshold is indeed lowered a lot, but it also adds a lot of difficulty to newcomers.

The difficulty lies in the actual pros and cons of the devices, etc.

There are really too few brands that can calm down and make machine seriously and talk to consumers.

However, for Captain, Team Mist is undoubtedly the best in this regard.

The follow-up Captain will also update the latest developments of Team mist “Starry Sky” POD MOD.

Please stay tuned with Captain Dirty. See you next time.

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