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10 Overseas E-cigarette Marketing & Promotion Methods

Ten overseas e-cigarette marketing promotion methods, the master’s years of practical experience summary!

At present, e-cigarettes are mainly exported to foreign countries, so each company attaches great importance to overseas e-cigarette marketing and promotion work. Vape hk Information Platform combines a wealth of work experience and practical experience to summarize the following eight common overseas marketing and promotion methods.

1, B2B paid marketing: Ali baba, China Manufacturing Network, Global Sources and other wholesale platforms, focusing on product information quality and ranking.

2, B2C paid marketing: Amazon, Dunhuang network, Ali Express, Yi Bei and other cross-border retail e-commerce, focusing on product information quality and ranking.

3, SEO free ranking: English independent station SEO, the focus is on content output and external chain sites

4, SEM paid ranking: Google pays, the focus is on accurate keyword mining and bidding control, and conversion.

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5, Social marketing: Facebook (shop), Twitter, Youtube video, Instagram image stream, Reddit, Linkedin, Pinterest image stream, etc., focusing on image display, video output, and fan interaction.

6, Mail marketing: EDM, the focus is on the content of the mail

7, A variety of offline marketing: exhibitors, event sponsorship, the focus is on quality exhibitions.

8, Film and television implant marketing: self-timer micro-movie, film and television drama advertising implant, the focus is enough local tyrants.

Of course, in addition to the above eight means, there are two important methods, such as product evaluation and hard wide release. Here, the Vapehk Information Platform has compiled well-known e-cigarette evaluation websites and individuals from abroad, as well as websites that can be used for hard-to-sell websites. Leave the admin a message in the comment for more information.

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