Monday, August 3, 2020
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The Future of Vape in South Africa Goes Dark

The future of the South African’s e-cigarette market is bleak now.

According to the South African Daily Business Daily website reported on August 2, the South African government has included vape products under the newly drafted Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery System Control Act, the South African vape products association (VPA) said on Thursday.

This means that e-cigarette products will face strict restrictions on using, marketing and sales like traditional tobacco products in the future.south africa vape

E-cigarette industry prepared to work closely with government on tobacco laws

South Africa’s vape market has sales of 1.16 billion rands (about 550 million yuan) in 2017, which is expected to grow two times in the next 10 years, but the introduction of the new control bill will curb this trend and related employment will also be affected.

Article source: Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy in South Africa

ald silmo 3.0
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