The Vape Exhibition Companies Get Large Donation from the Government in Shenzhen

Incredible! The e-cigarette exhibition company in Shenzhen has received more than 400,000 yuan from the government’s financial support

Recently, the Shenzhen Economic&Trade, and Information Technology Commission issued a notice on the second batch of project funding plans for the 2018 city conference and exhibition industry financial support special fund, which publicized the names of the nine funded companies, as well as the project name and funding amount.vape exhibition shenzhen

Screenshot from the Government official site

In the list of government-funded funds, editor found a very familiar company – Bowen Creative Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the project name is 2018 Shenzhen International E-cigarette Industry Expo, the amount of funding received is as high as More than 400,000, which is enough to show that the e-cigarette exhibition project win the recognition and support of the government, and it also proves that the Bowen Creative Exhibition has a strong exhibition strength!

It is understood that Bowen Creative Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture subsidiary of UBM Asia Limited. Bowen Creative is a professional exhibition organizer in China, and it has a strong domestic exhibition project and team, especially in the professional field of electronics industry. Bowen Creative is committed to serving the fast-growing Chinese manufacturing industry and sponsoring a wide range of technical and business exchanges between midstream and downstream companies in the industry chain by hosting a series of professional exhibitions. A number of its convention and exhibition projects have become a trusted platform for professionals in related fields.vape exhibition shenzhen

Shenzhen is the center of the global e-cigarette industry, IECIE e-cigarette exhibition of Bowen Creative Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has been insisting on creating a professional B2B one-stop exhibition platform for exhibitors every year since 2015. They always adhere to the professional and international guidelines for organizing exhibitions, and they are committed to promoting the exchange and development of the e-cigarette industry, as well as pioneering and innovating, so as to achieve a win-win situation in the true sense. IECIE E-cigarette Show is currently a large-scale e-cigarette show, of which 2018 Shenzhen Station will once again expand the display area by 7,500 square meters, with a total exhibition area of 37,500 square meters. It is estimated that there will be 1,500 brands and 50,000 professional visitors from 45 countries and regions. With 350 media participation at home and abroad, the exhibition will further promote the promotion of vape culture and become the benchmark for industry events.

It is worth noting that Shanghai Vape Culture Week will be held in Hall N1\N2 of Shanghai New International Expo Center from December 7th to 9th this year. This is a team created by UBM Creative IECIE e-cigarette exhibition team to create the “Fashion” theme of B2B, B2C one-stop exhibition platform, the exhibition area will reach 23,000 square meters.

The scope of exhibitors, including e-cigarette equipment: all the most popular equipment in the open and similar mainstream modes; atomizers, heating wires, spare parts, batteries, electronic components, etc.; e-liquid, spices, bottles, labels; traders, wholesalers.


Below is a list of vape exhibition companies that was funded by government:


Shenzhen maternal and child Expo

Shenzhen Zhen Shan Mei Exhibition Co., Ltd.

75.937 (thousand yuan)


University student (Shenzhen) Art Fair

Shenzhen Da Yi Bo culture and Art Development Co., Ltd.



Shenzhen international nutrition and Health Industry Expo 2018

Shenzhen Xinsiyu Convention and Exhibition Communication Co., Ltd.



2018 Shenzhen international metal forming machine tool exhibition

Shenzhen Huan Yue Exhibition & Exhibition Co., Ltd.



2018 Shenzhen international industrial parts Exhibition

Shenzhen Huan Yue Exhibition & Exhibition Co., Ltd.



FASHION SOURCE Shenzhen international garment supply chain Exposition (spring)

Shenzhen Pengcheng exhibition planning Co., Ltd.



2018 Shenzhen international electronic cigarette industry expo

Bowen creative exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.



Shenzhen Hong Kong Korean Fashion Beauty Expo

Shenzhen Shiji Dongfang Exhibition Co., Ltd.



22018 year 1-4 month exhibition venue rental subsidy

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Management Co., Ltd.



4356.774 (thousand yuan)


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