TomKlarks Liquid vape juice review

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Regarding the recent inquiries about why there are no vape juice reviews, Captain has also found some pretty good brands among the many new vape juices and picked a few flavors that we think are good to recommend to everyone. Today, we bring you TomKlarks from Berlin.

#Tom Klark’s Philosophy

One of the major difficulties in successfully switching from conventional cigarettes to E-cigarettes is finding a liquid that puts an end to the constant search for something better. Tom Klark’s goal was to create a liquid that satisfies in the long term. Every liquid forged by Tom Klark is made up of a complex combination of up to twelve aromas, which have been specifically attuned to one another. The unique spectrum in every one of Tom Klark’s liquids excites you to rediscover them time and time again. Healthier alternatives for a better quality of life should always be available. Tom Klark’s liquid makes that possible.”

TomKlarks Liquid vapejuice review

#Recommended Flavors

Today, we bring you two different types of TomKlarksLiquid:

Schwarzer Hahn Aroma (Black Rooster) and Christmas.

#Official Description

Schwarzer Hahn Aroma (Black Rooster)

The Black Rooster is Tom Klark’s first pure tobacco creation, created exclusively from the interplay of different tobacco aromas. The special thing is that its authentic tobacco taste reduces nicotine cravings when vaping. This makes the Black Rooster an excellent liquid for all tobacco lovers and those who want to reduce their nicotine consumption.

The Black Rooster has a dark, wooden core. On top of that, the fusion of the various tobacco notes unfolds a delicate sweetness reminiscent of caramel, which pleasantly balances the intensity of the tobacco. The nuances of the liquid appear slowly during vaping, over several strokes, making it at the same time mild, yet powerful and full-bodied.

The imperishable characteristics of traditional tobacco make it an authentic and uncompromising tobacco liquid, which is constantly renewed thanks to its multifaceted core.

TomKlarks Liquid vapejuice review


The inspiration for Christmas comes from the arrival of cold weather and its appearance in the autumn and winter seasons, after long-term research on new flavors. Created the Christmas liquid, which embodies all the warm, soft spices and flavors associated with Christmas, what we crave in the night market. The faint cinnamon flavor, the warm and cold wine taste held in one’s hand, and the full Tianwei of the dough gingerbread slowly melting on the tongue. Sweet with a hint of calculation, the taste is warm and rich, with an infinite aftertaste. Christmas is a limited edition and is sold exclusively during the Christmas season.

TomKlarks Liquid vapejuice review

#Captain’s Experience

Captain’s device:

Bpmods AMPBB 60wMod,

ESG Skynet Borotank.

TomKlarks Liquid vapejuice review

Schwarzer Hahn Aroma (Black Rooster)

Heating wire data: SS316L/1.2ohm

Air intake pin: 1.0

Cotton: Bp

Experience: An excellent woody aroma can come out in one puff, very strong addiction relief. Compared with the same flavor type of Weisser Hahn in this series, it will be more rich and full. The tobacco taste fused with caramel is very special, compared to traditional tobacco it is more heavy. Captain also felt this when the heating wire reached the highest power. The first tank of liquid did not have too much analysis. After the second and third tanks, the performance was very stable. It is a very good flavor suitable for long-term tasting. So you must use SS316L raw silk to experience it, slowly vape it, that is the best solution for this product.

TomKlarks Liquid vapejuice review


Heating wire data:


Air intake pin: 2.0

Cotton: Bp

Experience: This is a very special kind of sweet dessert e-liquid, it’s a pity that it is only sold during the Christmas season. The taste of cinnamon paired with gingerbread, Captain personally thinks it’s very Christmassy. Some grape wine fruit aroma is added in it, the sweetness has been very excellently neutralized, with a bit of sourness in the sweetness. Compared with other heavy sweet flavors, this is undoubtedly a very “moderate” and enduring sweet fruit e-juice. Choosing Nichrome80 is a respect for the explosion of sweet vape juice aroma, very stable.

TomKlarks Liquid vapejuice review


Captain also experienced almost a whole bottle before coming up with these feelings. So the update of vape juice product reviews will be slower, please do not urge to update anymore. Good things are worth our deep experience, so that Captain can bring better to everyone.

The formula of this product is actually very scientific, including the oil quality and essence are top-notch. It’s just that there are many flavors that people don’t like. So it has been quite niche, but niche sometimes may also be a treasure, worth experiencing. Alright, this is TomKlarks from Berlin. If you like it, you can learn about their digital number fruit flavor series. Captain will share with you when there’s time.

Alright, VAPE HOW WE ROLL, ALL IN TRUETOY. I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

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The formula of TomKlarks Liquid is actually very scientific, including the oil quality and essence are top-notch. It's just that there are many flavors that people don't like. So it has been quite niche, but niche sometimes may also be a treasure, worth experiencing.

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