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Top 100 Most popular Instagram vaping hashtags

Here is our pick of top 100 most popular Instagram vaping hashtags. Vaping has become a worldwide phenomenon. Not only is it a lifestyle but vaping has also changed the lives of many people who have committed to smoking e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. Advocacy and promotion are a huge part of being involved in vaping and what better way to do that than through social media. There are many ways to interact on social media and many platforms to do so, one being Instagram. In order to increase a following on Instagram, users must be aware of the various hashtags that can be used to garner attention. We have compiled a list of the top 100 most popular Instagram vaping hashtags爏o you can use them to get more attention on your feed!

  1. #vapelife ?This one refers to those who embrace vaping as a lifestyle. You might put this on an image of you smoking your vape.
  2. #vapeporn ?This one sounds a little crass but it might be used to get some attention if you have a really amazing vape cloud when you first take a puff. It can be used to exemplify any post that is aesthetically pleasing.
  3. #vapelyfe ?This hashtag is exactly like the first but it uses different spelling.
  4. #vapecommunity ?This hastag speaks to the notion that there is a community involved in vaping. There is a large following of people who are invested in vaping.
  5. #vapefam ?The hashtag is used by those who consider their vaping community as an extended family. It speaks to the idea that people who vape truly do build community around the piece of equipment. It is more than a pastime.
  6. #vaping ?This hashtag is pretty self-evident but it might be used by someone who is just getting used to using instagram and is unfamiliar with all the hashtags that can be used.
  7. #vapor ?This would be the same as the above comment.
  8. #vapeon ?This one refers to the common phrase, 揔eep calm, carry on?in other words 揔eep calm, vape on?
  9. #vapestagram and #instavape ?These tags are a on words combining vape and instagram.
  10. #ejuice ?This one refers to the liquid that is used in a vape. Someone may use this to designate the fact that they are trying out a new type of e-liquid.
  11. #subohm ?Subohm refers to the process of vaping that increases the size of the cloud a vaper produces. It can also result in a better, stronger flavour from the e-liquid. People will use this tag to indicate that they have produced a large cloud and taken a picture of it.
  12. #eliquid ?Synonym for e-juice.
  13. #cloudchaser ?A cloud chaser is someone who enjoys producing large clouds with their vape.
  14. #vapedaily ?This tag would be used by an avid vaper to indicate that they vape regularly.
  15. #vapenation ?A tag that refers to the communal aspect of vaping.
  16. #ecig ?This tag refers to the device that is used to vape.
  17. #clouds ?Again this is another reference to large clouds producing by vaping.
  18. #coilporn ?This hashtag refers to the modifications that people do to their coils to enhance the look of them.
  19. #calivapers ?The hashtag calivapers refers to the idea that the vaper in question is from California.
  20. #vapehooligans ?Vape hooligans are a group of hard core vapers.
  21. #vapers ?This tag simply refers to those who vape.
  22. #cloudchasing ?Again a reference to people who love to create large clouds with their vape.
  23. #vapepics ?This tag refers to picture of vaping.
  24. #vapelove ?This tag is used for those who enjoy vaping.
  25. #girlswhovape ?In a male dominated industry this tag is used by women who vape.
  26. #vaper ?This tag denotes someone who is a vaper.
  27. #dripclub ?This tag refers to a popular vape and e-liquid distributer.
  28. #handcheck ?This tag refers to an image of a hand holding a vape.
  29. #notblowingsmoke ?This tage refers to the idea that vaping allows people to not blow cigarette smoke around, rather it is vapour.
  30. #repost ?This means that another posted has posted something that is being reposted.
  31. #vaporizer ?Referring to an e-cigarette.
  32. #rda ?This tag refers to a Rebuildable Dripping?strong>Atomizer- You directly drip e-liquid on the wick/coil, it does not hold a lot of liquid at a time.?/li>
  33. #mod ?Refers to a vapourizer that has been modified.
  34. #vapefriends ?Again this is a reference to the ever-growing vape community.
  35. #vapeshop ?Referring to a store that sells vaping items.
  36. #vapefamily ?In reference to the vaping community.
  37. #westcoastvapers ?Refers to a group of vapers who live on the West Coast.
  38. #improof ?This tag refers to the idea that people can quit smoking. People that write this would be indicating that it is possible to quit using a vape.
  39. #vapes ?Referring to an e-cigarette.
  40. #boxmod ?This refers to a type of vape modification that is in box form.
  41. #driplife ?This refers to the process of dripping e-liquid onto the vape.
  42. #vapesociety ?Referring once again to the vaping community.
  43. #vapefamous ?This tag refers to those who have become somewhat famous on social media for vaping and doing reviews of vapes.
  44. #cloudporn ?This tag is again used to distinguish clouds that are large and impressive.
  45. #420 ?This refers to the date in April when smoking cannabis is celebrated. Many vapers use their devices to smoke cannabis.
  46. #vapetricks ?This refers to when people make large clouds or do other nifty tricks with their vapes.
  47. #vapehard ?This refers to the idea that someone is really invested in vaping.
  48. #smoke ?Refers to the vapour that is expelled from a vape.
  49. #vapesociety ?Refers to the vape community.
  50. #vapeaddict ?This tag refers to people who are avid vapers.
  51. #vapersunite ?This refers to people who gather to advocate for vaping.
  52. #vapeaholics ?People who enjoy vaping more than other activities.
  53. #vapeworld ?This refers to the global scale of vaping.
  54. #vaperussia ?This tag refers to those in Russia who vape.
  55. #vapingindonesia ?It is evident that this also applies to those who are from Indonesia.
  56. #vapeculture ?Refers to the community surrounding vaping and the culture that has emerged.
  57. #like4like ?This is common lingo on social media where people give a like to someone for them to like their page in return.
  58. #likevape ?This is used by people who are truly passionate about vaping.
  59. #vaporwaveaesthetic ?This is used by those who see the beauty in vaping and try to capture it on camera.
  60. #keepvapingalive ?This is in response to the dwindling nature of vaping and the desire to keep it going.
  61. #premium #premiumejuice ?These two hashtags refer to the concept of premium products which are the aim of most distributors.
  62. #vapersofinstagram ?This tag would be used to group together all the instagrammers who discuss or take pictures of their vapes.
  63. #vaperscommunity ?Again this is referring to the burgeoning community that is evolving around vaping.
  64. #vapershouts ?This tag pertains to the notion that posters are doing shout outs on social media regarding vaping.
  65. #vapingisnotacrime ?Denotes the idea that vaping is stigmatized and resists that notion.
  66. #smoothie ?This tag refers to the flavor of a particular e-liquid.
  67. #nice #tasty #flavor- These tags are all flavor related.
  68. #cludhousereviews ?This refers to a specific review platform for how large clouds can form.
  69. #cloudsfordays ?This is another reference to large clouds.
  70. #vapin ?Short hand for vaping.
  71. #vapinggood ?Slang for enjoying vaping.
  72. #premiumeliquids ?In reference to the premium e-juice.
  73. #liqua ?Refers to e-liquid in short hand.
  74. #vapeaconestilo ?Refers to those who know a lot about vaping. #vapingcolombia ?Another reference to location pertaining to vaping.
  75. #vapingmode ?References the modality that people use to vape.
  76. #smoke #smokey ?Draws attention to the smoke in the picture.
  77. #latenightvape ?Refers to going out to vape in the night time.
  78. #morningvape ?Refers to going out to vape in the morning.
  79. #vapeandcoffee ?Play on the traditional idea of coffee and cigarette.
  80. #vapeuk ?Used by vapers in the UK.
  81. #ukvapers ?Same as above.
  82. #vapersgonnavape ?Play on the phrase 揌aters gonna hate?implying that people will continue to vape despite critiques.
  83. #vapingstory ?People will share their personal stories and journey with vaping on social media.
  84. #vapingisart ?Some people use social media playforms as a means to promote their art. Vaping is considered artistic for some.
  85. #vapingmilitia ?Refers to a group of people who vape.
  86. #vapingtruth ?Again this refers to people who share their stories on Instagram.
  87. #vapingfresh ?This positions vaping as a fresh option as compared to smoking.
  88. #vapingsaves ?References the health impact of switching to vaping.
  89. #vapingape ?This is a rhyming play on words.
  90. #clean – This refers to the cleanliness of vaping when compared to a cigarette.
  91. #rigpig ?This title refers to those who work in the oilfields or on the rigs because many of them smoke vapes.
  92. #rdabuilder ?This refers to some who builds their own RDA
  93. #ohmslaw ?This is in reference to ohming
  94. #vapecheck ?Refers to checking your vape for issues.
  95. #ohms ?As noted before ohms are large clouds of smoke.


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