Top 5 Kratom Strains Proven To Boost Euphoria 

Today, words like happiness and euphoria have become elusive. Stress is omnipresent in our lives and adversely affects our ability to stay positive and motivated. Many of us turn to alcohol and drugs to experience euphoric feelings. However, Kratom, a potent traditional herb that first emerged in Southeast Asia, is a better alternative to feeling happy and relaxed. 

Although predominantly used for pain conditions, the Kratom herb extract also displays euphoric effects. There are many varieties of Kratom available at stores, and each Kratom variety shows its unique benefits. 

Let’s discuss five Kratom varieties that can make you feel happy and rejuvenated. 

  1. Red Vein Bali Kratom


The crimson-tinged Red Vein Bali Kratom, grown in the humid climate of Indonesia and Bali, is nourished by the fertile volcanic soil. The distinct red leaves of the plant are harvested and dried in intense sunlight. Alternatively, UV lamps are used to strengthen the quality of this Kratom variety. The plant grows faster and is also processed more quickly than other Kratom varieties. Hence, a steady supply can be ensured therein accruing a red bali kratom for aromatic purpose. 

The mood-elevating and relaxing properties of this Kratom variety can be attributed to its 25 alkaloids composition. Due to its high alkaloid content, the red vein kratom is most suitable for pain relief and relaxation  This strain gives pronounced mellow effects and is highly recommended for first-time users. The Red Vein Bali Kratom induces a deep sense of euphoria and relaxation. This strain’s sedative alkaloids work to calm down a stressed and depressed mind. If you suffer from sleeplessness, higher doses of this variety can help improve your sleep quality. 

You can consume the Red Vein Bali Kratom as a tea for that subtle ‘pick me up’ effect or in tincture form for a strong feeling. However, popping pills or capsules of different percentages is the most popular way to experience euphoria. 

  1. Red Borneo Kratom

The Red Borneo Kratom is often called ‘the pleasurable agent.’ This Kratom variety does not cause drowsiness or lack of focus when it produces euphoric effects. Red Borneo is a popular Kratom variety native to the Borneo island located in the pacific ocean’s Malay archipelago. The relaxing powers of this highly potent strain last for several hours. The high quality of this strain can be attributed to careful monitoring of its drying process at the time of harvesting.  

Predominantly grown in the Indonesian region, the Red Borneo Kratom entails the best versions of relaxation. The Red Borneo can quell tiredness, anxiety, and stress. This Kratom strain can also help induce sleep if taken in higher doses. Also, the mood-lifting properties of the Red Borneo Kratom are due to its dopamine mediators. These mediators help overcome feelings of distress and depression while making you feel positive and happy. This popular tropical herb is highly sought after for its recreational effects. Experience intense euphoria followed by a sense of wellbeing and pleasure with this tropical plant.  

Although this strain works more gradually to work up euphoric feelings, its effects last longer than other Kratom varieties. This Kratom variety is available in powder or capsule form. The powder can be brewed in tea or added to other beverages, salads, or snacks. 

  1. Maeng Da Kratom

This high potency herb combines the best qualities of the green vein and the red vein kratom varieties. Also referred to as ‘Maeng Da Thai Kratom,’ this herb is grown extensively in the tropical climate of Thailand and Malaysia. Maeng Da Kratom’s high alkaloid content stimulates the opioid receptors of the brain to offer high energy levels. After harvesting, the leaves are dried for a longer time to increase the quality and potency of the strain. The 7-Hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine compounds of this variety are responsible for the stimulating yet non-sedative effects. This herb helps to focus and stay alert for longer hours at work. The plant extract of this herb triggers the happy hormones of your body, making you relaxed and more cheerful. 

Maeng Da Kratom can be used in powder or capsule form to gain euphoric effects. 

4.White Maeng Da Kratom 

This variant of Maeng Da has highly potent instant energizing effects. The White Maeng Da variety can produce sustained energy levels, sans any side effects usually associated with caffeine. This strain is used by people to reduce their dependency on caffeinated beverages like coffee. This variety helps to enhance focus while clearing your mind. It elevates your mood, which, in turn, boosts your confidence and motivation to complete your work. The White Maeng Da Kratom does not have the sedating effects of the red vein variety and, hence can be taken early morning on days requiring increased focus and concentration. 

  1. Green Malay Kratom

This kratom variety gives the best blend of humor, motivation, relaxation, and stimulation. It also entails focus and concentration on tasks. This strain shows powerful yet not so overwhelming euphoric effects. This strain is suitable for those who do not take many doses to experience positive feelings. The effects gain hold in the body after about 10 minutes of consumption and last for a minimum of 4 hours. The Green Malay Kratom is also a good strain for inducing sleep as it also produces soothing effects on the body.  


Large doses of Kratom are required for inducing euphoric effects. Moreover, knowledge and research about safe doses, possible interactions, and undesirable side effects of this herb are preliminary. So, weigh all the possible outcomes before trying out any of the above Kratom strains for recreational or other purposes.  


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