USA Top 5 Marjor Vape Brands Design Style and Featured Taste Comparison

usa vape brands

The industry status, design style and characteristics of the five major electronic cigarette brands in the United States

1JUUL (US vape market share 72%)

Founding date: 2015

Industry Status: According to Wells Fargo’s analysis of Nielsen’s sales data, JUUL received 72% of the estimated $2.3 billion value of the U.S. e-cigarette market, excluding online sales. The startup recently raised $650 million in a round of financing, valued at about $15 billion, ranking sixth in the US startup valuation. In just three years, JUUL became the industry leader.

Design style: the shape is not traditional cigarette shape, but a unique design block. The white cardboard box is equipped with a machine, resembling a lengthened version of U disk, and the other box matches four smoke cartridges. There are eight kinds of smoke cartridges, ranging from Virginia tobacco, butter flavor, mango and other mixed fruit flavor.

Features: JUUL’s biggest breakthrough is in the chemical level, tobacco is based on nicotine salts as the core raw material of liquid nicotine, rather than the traditional electronic cigarette in the free nicotine, organic acids added to the raw materials can make the entrance smoother, reducing the throat tingling. In terms of channels, JUUL is sold in shopping websites, convenience stores such as 7-11 and electronic cigarette stores.

2Anglo-American Tobacco Corp’s Vuse (US vape market share 10%)

Founding date: 2012

Industry Status: Reynolds USA, the second largest cigarette maker in the United States, distributes the No. 1 e-cigarette brand in convenience stores through its subsidiary R.J. Reynolds Steam, but in 2017 Vuse was bought by British American Tobacco for the remaining 57.8% for $49.4 billion. As a world-famous electronic cigarette brand, Vuse has nearly 70 thousand retail outlets.

Design Style: The design is close to a cigarette, and its built-in chip can record the number of suction bits to remind the user to replace the cartridge.

Features: VUSE electronic cigarettes are famous for their convenience. As long as the batteries are aligned with the smoke cartridges and pressed together, the electronic cigarettes are connected. Vuse e-cigarettes can also be used through the mobile phone APP to understand the use of batteries and the remaining components of the smoke cartridges, the taste of Hami melon, nectar, mint, original flavor, light mint.

3MarkTen and Green Smoke of Altria group (US vape market share 8%)

Founding date: MarkTen was founded in 2014, and Green Smoke founded 2009.

Industry Status: Altria is the parent of the renowned tobacco giant Philip Morris, the maker of the Marlboro brand and the largest multinational tobacco company in the United States and the world.

Design Style: Altria’s Mark Ten e-cigarette has four holes in its nozzle, making the smoke more like traditional cigarettes. The Green Smoke is relatively simple in shape.

Features: Mark Ten has been working on electronic cigarette flavors and product upgrades since the launch of new products, such as the launch of Mark TenXL, the latter battery life is twice the original, packaging and cigarettes are very similar, including summer passion, winter mint, classic, menthol four flavors. Green Smoke relies heavily on Internet sales, and its taste is extremely demanding.

4Blu E-cigs of Imperial Tobacco Group

Founding date: 2009

Industry status: in 2015, Imperial Tobacco 7 billion 100 million US dollars bought Blu electronic cigarette from Renault.

Design Style: Smoke box design is very human-oriented, both small and beautiful, easy to carry, simple black shape, iconic blue LED lights, has a very good reminder. When there are other e-smokers nearby, or stores selling replacement boxes, the box will start flashing to remind users.

Features: Blu official website provides 13 different flavors of cigarette cartridges, mint, blueberry, cherry, etc., nicotine content is different, the price is 14.99 U.S. dollars / box, a box of three cartridges, a cartridge can smoke about 400 cigarettes, roughly equivalent to 2 boxes of ordinary cigarettes.

5Japan’s tobacco companies Logic

Founding date: 2010

Industry position: Logic is a leading electronic cigarette manufacturer in the United States and was bought by Japan Tobacco International in April 2015.

Design Style: “Logic Power” four flavors of cigarette cartridges, and two kinds of nicotine-free; “Logic Pro” new electronic cigarette, cigarette cartridges capsule easy to fill, use, carry very convenient; “Logic LQD” unique innovative double-coil cigarette transmission design, easy to fill.

Features: Sales of the word, a rechargeable, closed smoke cartridges system and open smoke cartridges system, including Logic Pro mechanical electronic cigarettes, tobacco, menthol, cherry, vanilla, berry, mint, strawberry and other flavors.


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3、奥驰亚集团的MarkTen和Green Smoke(美国电子烟市场份额共8%)

创立时间:MarkTen创立2014年,Green Smoke创立2009年;

行业地位:奥驰亚正是大名鼎鼎的烟草巨头菲利浦·莫里斯(Philip Morris)的母公司,“万宝路”香烟品牌的制造商,是美国最大也是全球第一的跨国烟草公司。

设计风格:奥驰亚集团的MarkTen电子烟,烟嘴上有四个孔,从而使产生的烟雾更类似于传统香烟。而Green Smoke,外形相对简约。

特点:MarkTen自新品推出,一直致力于电子烟口味和产品升级,如推出的MarkTenXL,后者电池寿命是原来的2倍,包装和真烟也极其相似,包括夏日激情、冬日薄荷、经典、薄荷醇四种口味。Green Smoke主要依赖互联网销售,对口味的要求极为苛刻。

4、帝国烟草集团的Blu E-cigs








设计风格:“Logic Power”四种口味烟弹,且2种无尼古丁;“Logic Pro”新型电子烟,烟弹胶囊容易填充,使用、携带十分便利;“Logic LQD”独家创新型双线圈&烟油传送设计,易于填装。

特点:销售的嗲字眼,有可充电的、闭烟弹系统以及开放式烟弹系统的,包括Logic Pro机械电子烟,提供烟草、薄荷醇、樱桃、香草、浆果、薄荷、草莓等多种口味。


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