Uwell TriPod vape reivew: an upgraded Marsupod – DirtyCheck No.103

As a brand with a faster product turnover in the industry,
Uwell is the leading one.
Everybody keeps counting the product serial numbers,
Forming a unique atmosphere in the vape circle.
Today, Captain brings you Uwell’s new products,
TriPod, which is the upgraded version of Marsupod
Let’s see how it performs.

Uwell TriPod upgraded version reivew

TriPod specifications

Size: 34.5mm*94mm
Weight: 67.4g
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Device size: 21.5mm*10.4mm*78mm
Vape juice capacity: 2ml
Maximum output power: 11W
Device battery capacity: 370mAh
Resistance: 1.2ohm

Uwell TriPod upgraded version reivew


The overall is divided into device and tank compartment.
The overall shape is similar to the space capsule.
It looks simple and business style.
The opening of the capsule is a pull-out design.
After opening, it is the main body of the pod and the spare cartridge.
A total of three pods.
Plus the 1000mAh power reserve of the capsule.
The battery life is really long without any problems.

Uwell TriPod upgraded version reivew

The overall pulling feel is actually average,
Whether it’s opening or retracting,
You’ll feel a sense of “cheap”.

Uwell TriPod upgraded version reivew

The battery indicator at the bottom is good.
The charging button has a flashing light effect,
Including battery tips, the details are good

Uwell TriPod upgraded version reivew

Because the cabin can store three pods, whether it’s travel or experience,
The performance is full marks.
The compartment card slot is also designed with silicone pads,
It improves the cleanliness of the cartridge as much as possible.

Uwell TriPod upgraded version reivew


The design of the main body of the device is compact,
The overall feeling is not so business, a little trendy.
Continuous battery life of the capsule.

Uwell TriPod upgraded version reivew

For the vaping of the cartridge, 2ml open refillable cartridge,
You can inject your favorite e-liquid repeatedly, and nicotine salt e-liquid can also be used.
The cartridge has a built-in 1.2Ω atomizing core, which is fully atomized and has a high vape juice taste resolution.
No matter which salt juice you vape, your personal feeling is a bit rich.
Sometimes I feel very strong, but I just can’t stand it.
The sweetness of desserts is a bit powerful, please pay attention to those who don’t like getting greasy.

Uwell TriPod upgraded version reivew

There are three colors to choose from

Uwell TriPod upgraded version reivew


The Tripod, aka Marsupod II, launched by Uwell this time is generally satisfactory.
In terms of workmanship, updated small details are concentrated on the user experience.
Small flaws are reflected in the design,
But compared to the first generation, it has a qualitative improvement.
The taste also has an adjustment compared to the previous machine.
Okay, everyone has his or her own opinions, you can find more out yourself. I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time.

Where to buy Tripod @$34.99


Tripod performance

Compared to the first generation, Tripod has a qualitative improvement. The taste also has an adjustment and improvement compared to the previous Marsupod machine.

User Rating: 2.13 ( 23 votes)

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