UWELL Valyrian Pod Kit review – DirtyCheck No.80

UWELL, after accumulating a good reputation, introduced Caliburn 7, which is Valyrian Pod.
Let’s take a look at how such a device is.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review

UWELL Valyrian Pod kit content:

Valyrian Pod*1
1.0ohm MTL coil*1
0.6ohm DTL coil*1
Tank *1

UWELL Valyrian Pod review


The capacity of the tank is very good,
Very good enough to meet daily needs,
The 3mL capacity is the most scientific,
Adjustable air intake is a good point,
Which can satisfy a picky friend’s adjustment of air intake

UWELL Valyrian Pod review

Refilling is also very simple and convenient,
Oil can be filled by sliding the top cover,
The disadvantage is that the drip nozzle on the top cannot be replaced,
A whole design with drip nozzle,
There is no way to upgrade it.
Because the atomizer core and this drip nozzle are linked,
It’s also difficult to upgrade and adjust.
In other words, it is not possible to achieve the top-level customized vaping experience.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review

Atomizing core

Originally equipped with two atomizing cores
Positioning is the setting of mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping.
But in terms of actual feeling,
1.0 core will be much better than 0.6.
The reason is that the processing details of 1.0 are better than 0.6,
Of course, friends who are looking for a lot of smoke can use 0.6,
In pursuit of taste, it is recommended to smoke 1.0 6mg.
I saw some friends said to smoke nic salt,
In fact, this device is so suitable for nicotine salt e-juice.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review

The structure of the first atomizer core itself, didn’t make a good airway.
In many cases, nicotine salt will reach an overwhelming level.
Of course friends who can’t stand it will definitely not be able to stand the impact of that amount,
So it is recommended to vape about 6mg of high-quality e-liquid.
This experience will be very good.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review

Personal recommendation on heating core replacement rate is 3 times of vaping.
Because Captain found that the taste will gradually be lost after the second tank.
Fortunately, it has done a good job in carbon deposition of the atomizer core.
It is difficult to accumulate carbon or there is little carbon deposit,
Relatively satisfactory.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review


The power of the device is 1250mAh,
It’s enough for use.
It’s hard core in terms of the hand feel,
Much smaller than the picture.
So whether there is ergonomic design, it does not have much impact.
Really small and delicate,
Very pleasing.

The design of the device,
Used very exquisite craftsmanship.
The carving is very beautiful.
Also Valyrian’s text design is full of art.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review


In terms of taste, UWELL is full of sincerity this time,
Reached a height that other device did not reach before.
The vaping is full and the taste is very strong.
Overall, this is a very mature device.
Small details can be improved,
For example, the replaceable setting of the drip nozzle,
The button pressing feel, etc.
But overall,
This device realizes the ultimate enjoyment of flavor and vaping, highly recommended!
I am Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy UWELL Valyrian Pod Kit

UWELL Valyrian Pod review

UWELL Valyrian Pod overall performance

UWELL Valyrian Pod realizes the ultimate enjoyment of flavor and vaping, highly recommended!

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