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At the beginning of the year,
Captain received a new version of Uwell Yearn named NEAT,
Which is NEAT.
I complained about Yearn’s design and workmanship before,
So this new one should be better.
With an attitude of re-understanding the product,
We start again,
Start experiencing this so-called Uwell Yearn NEAT

Uwell Yearn NEAT pod vape review

Uwell Yearn NEAT overview

This time the packaging is no longer a kit,
It’s the more mainstream single-device version.
The material is made of plastic, which is really light
Size 86.9mm*20.4mm*10.6mm,
Almost the same size as the old version,
No big change in volume,
The appearance is slightly different at the bottom.

Uwell Yearn NEAT pod vape review

There are no extra cartridges in the kit.
Need to purchase the cartridge or pod kit separately.
A 10ML bottle of experience pack is inside the cartridge kit.
That is UWELL’s own DTB vape juice.
A cartridge kit contains only one cartridge,
Which is a bit stingy.
When the current market comes standard with 3 cartridges,
UWELL’s move is a bit off track and unrealistic, it’s like a gift experience outfit

Uwell Yearn NEAT pod vape review Uwell Yearn NEAT pod vape review

Uwell Yearn NEAT user experience

First, the material and color of the device,
I personally like it better,
Because it is the reason of plastic abrasive,
This color looks better and purer.
There are 6 colors for choosing.

The 1.4ohm cartridge is still used on the vape,
Nothing has changed,
The only change turned out to be a drawback,
The atomizing core of Yearn Neat is only suitable for Yearn Neat,
Not compatible with the old version of Yearn.
As a family system,
When there is no more reasonable and stronger mold developed,
The universal pod is undoubtedly bringing higher liquidity to its own brand.

Uwell Yearn NEAT pod vape review

The official said that when the e-juice in the cartridge is lower than the min mark, you need to refill it.
In fact, the hole position of the cotton core is the end position.
This sentence is actually misleading to beginners.

Uwell Yearn NEAT pod vape review

I think the taste is qualified here,
Obvious richness in vapor, which is better than the previous Year.
However, the self-developed cartridges are pretty mediocre.
Such bundled consumption is unreasonable and unscientific.
But for novices, it is reasonable.

Uwell Yearn NEAT pod vape review


Yearn Neat’s appearance is good enough.
The taste is quite satisfactory,
Not so stunning, not so uncomfortable.
One of Captain’s friends also experienced such a device,
Maybe due to the instability of the mold,
It broke in the back of the device.
The brand may need to use a more stable device shell material later.

What do you think of this Yearn Neat?
Please tell me in the fan group, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Yearn Neat pod vape @$14.99


Uwell Yearn NEAT design
Uwell Yearn NEAT endurance
Uwell Yearn NEAT configuration
Uwell Yearn NEAT taste
Uwell Yearn NEAT price

Yearn Neat's appearance is good enough. The taste is quite satisfactory, richer vapor amount than the old version.

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