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A Summary of Six Types of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are commonly classified into mod vape, pod vape and HNB. In fact, they can be classified according to different working theories, vapor volume, reusability and so on. Let’s have a look at the six basic kinds of vapes.

1. Classified according to the vaping principle

HNB products: The main working principle is low-temperature heating, which releases smoke through heating new tobacco. Its main feature is that a new type of tobacco like cigarette needs to be inserted in the vape device.

E-liquid filling vape: The e-liquid is atomized by electric heating to generate smoke.

HNB products

2. Classified by e-liquid

CBD vapes (herbal / wax / oil vaporizers): Cannabis bisphenol (CBD) is a component of cannabis. CBD has been proved to be independent, not addictive and hallucinogenic. It can improve sleep quality and relax the body and mind. It is classified as vape containing CBD.


Nicotine vapes: the main components of the vape juicec are vegetable glycerol (VG) propylene glycol (PG), essence, nicotine. It’s nicotine containing vape.


Nicotine-free vapes: Nicotine-free electronic cigarette contains no nicotine.

3. Classified by the vapor volume

Pod vapes: Like Relx, Silmo, Yooz

Mod vapes: Large box type vapes with complicated design. Playfulness and cool appearance make it a lot of fans.

mod vape pod vape

4. Classified by reusability

Disposable vapes: vape that cannot be recharged and reused, discarded and useless when the smoke is exhausted

Disposable cartridge vapes: The cartridge is separated from the device. The vape has a battery which can be recharged and reused. When the cartridge is used up, the cartridge is replaced without changing the vape device.

E-liquid filling vapes: It can be recycled, the life of the vape device is long, and the e liquid in the cartridge can be refilled for 3-6 times for continuous use.

5. Classified by shape

Cigarette-like vape (Conventional-look devices): The size and appearance of the vape is the same as real cigarette. When vaping, the vape lamp has the same effect as the ash end.

cigarette look

Modern vape: All kinds of shapes can be found, but the shapes are not restricted to cigarettes.

Electronic hookahs: A hookah is a type of water pipe. It uses charcoal to burn a tobacco mixture, then pulls the tobacco smoke through water and into a mouthpiece for users to inhale 125 times. A hookah powered by electricity is more efficient than the traditional ones.

Electronic hookahs


6. Classified by vape juice storage and conduction system

Resistance coil atomization vape: E juice is absorbed by cotton core or fibre rope, and the vape juice in the tank is introduced into the heating coil. When the coil is heated, the e liquid can be evaporated.

88119807-close-up-twisted-coils-for-e-cig-or-electronic-cigarette-for-vape-devices-rda-prebuild-coil-clapton- coil vape

Porous ceramic atomization vape: There is heating resistance on porous ceramics, which integrates vape juice conduction and heating. Resistance on ceramics electrically heates vape juice to emit smoke. In order to provide a better vape atomization taste, the porous ceramic atomization core has evolved into the third generation thick film printing, and the latter thick film printing atomization core may be a trend.

ceramic chip


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