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Vaping Clinic offers service to help Lanarkshire smokers quit for good

VPZ facility offers a dedicated, one-to-one consultation with vaping specialists

A vaping retailer with shops across Lanarkshire has launched a valuable new service to help people quit smoking for good.

The VPZ Vape Clinic service is now available across the company’s entire retail estate, offering those smokers looking to transform their health and wellbeing in the new year a dedicated, one-to-one consultation with vaping specialists to help them take their first step in their stop smoking journey.

The Vape Clinic was introduced to meet the growing demand for stop smoking services as access to local stop smoking services and vaping retailers massively reduced during pandemic lockdowns, leaving thousands of smokers without any services to help them quit.

With around 78,000 people in the UK dying from smoking year on year, and with many more living with debilitating smoking-related illnesses, the Vape Clinic has been designed to support the nation’s smokers to quit for good and give them the opportunity to start transforming their health in 2022.

VPZ’s confidence in the success of the Vape Clinic service is backed by its customer promise to provide a money back guarantee for hardware purchased and any unopened boxes of e-liquids and coils if customers are unable to make the switch to vaping entirely.

The initiative is available nationwide across VPZ’s UK store footprint, further enhancing the level of customer service and expert advice to its customer base.

Doug Mutter, director of VPZ, told Lanarkshire Live : “As the UK’s leading vaping specialist, we are spearheading the fight against the nation’s number one killer –smoking.

“We are proud to have our Vape Clinic service accessible across our retail estate to give smokers the support they need to quit and help the country regain its momentum toward becoming a smoke free nation by 2030.

“Smoking statistics have unfortunately continued to rise as the pandemic has triggered an increase in smoking rates and the public health problem has been compounded by funding cuts for NHS stop smoking services and local support groups.”

Doug added: “Our Vape Clinic concept is an investment to fill the void left by the loss of local NHS stop smoking services.

“We are so confident in the success of our new service that we are offering our customers a money back guarantee if they are unable to make the switch entirely.”

A report from the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group backs vaping as an effective treatment for tobacco dependency and recommends that it should be included and encouraged in all treatment pathways.

It also found the long-term impact of vaping is 95 per cent less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Doug said: “Our approach is different and is proven to help quit smoking time and time again.

“We specialise in listening to each individual customer’s needs, educating them, providing knowledge, support and advice and understanding that each customer is unique and needs a tailored approach to successfully quit.”

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