Vaporesso LUXE Q review – DirtyCheck No.123

Whether it’s quality control or design, Vaporesso device has its own unique features.
The LUXE series leads Vaporesso’s appearance and performance.
And the Q model of the LUXE series has been launched in full swing.
Let’s take a look at what surprises us this time.

Vaporesso LUXE Q review

Vaporesso LUXE Q brief view

The LUXE Q is equipped with a high-density 1000 mAh built-in battery to keep you going and comes with the latest SSS leak-resistant technology that allows for a quality vaping experience.
It feels good in your hand.
The pioneering of texture on a compact device, LUXE Q holds MESH pods that offer both 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω, this little monster allows for adjustable airflow for intense and satisfying flavors all in a stylish compact design.

Vaporesso LUXE Q review

Vaporesso LUXE Q content

1 x LUXE Q battery 1 x LUXE Q0.8ΩMESH box
1 x LUXE Q1.2ΩMESH box 1 x Type-C USB cable
1 x User Manual 1 X Warranty Card
Systematic vaporesso packing list that is still familiar.

Vaporesso LUXE Q review

Vaporesso LUXE Q features

  • Pioneer Texture on Small Pods
  • 1000mAh Built-in Battery
  • 0.8Ω&1.2Ω MESH Pods
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Top Filling System
  • SSS Leak-Resistant Technology

Vaporesso LUXE Q review

Vaporesso LUXE Q colors

Green, black, red, brown, blue, white, pink


Very compact body, 91.85mm*26mm*16.5mm in size
It matches the material with a leather-like feel, which is extremely resistant to sweat and stains.
The feel is very soft and delicate, giving a sense of hierarchy and high-level to the friends who use it.

Vaporesso LUXE Q review

In terms of battery life, a high-density 1000mAh built-in battery is used this time
In other words, more durability can make the experience more durable

The oil injection design of the atomization chamber is also very convenient
Plug in the nozzle part and you can easily fill the oil
But it’s still an old problem, there is no way to guarantee the cleanliness of the drip tip
The atomizing core equipped is still the conventional configuration of 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm.

Vaporesso LUXE Q review

Vaporesso LUXE Q review

The air intake needs to be adjusted manually, which is to change the direction of the cartridge.
Because LUXE Q is a unilateral air intake, and an air intake design is made on the cartridge.
The control of airflow is obvious.

Vaporesso LUXE Q review

SSS leakproof technology,
Considering a series of issues such as the guide nature of pod products,
This design is born,
It is undoubtedly the greatest guarantee for the experiencer.

Vaporesso LUXE Q review


In terms of size, LUXE Q may not be the best choice,
But in the market where 450mAh and 600mAh similar products are generally available on the market,
1000mAh undoubtedly has the best priority selection conditions.
The taste is still the same as long as the style, there is no upgrade on the coil.
It is recommended to experience nic salt or 6mg fruit cooler vape juice.
It is not very recommended to try desserts or compound e-juice.
The overall design is more commercial,
It is very much in line with the office building, the style is indeed the same.
Okay, is this kind of POD device your favorite choice?
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy LUXE Q @$32.90

Vaporesso LUXE Q review

Vaporesso LUXE Q design
Vaporesso LUXE Q details
Vaporesso LUXE Q taste
Vaporesso LUXE Q endurance
Vaporesso LUXE Q price

1000mAh battery makes Vaporesso LUXE Q unique.

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