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VEEX Tech brief introduction

VEEX Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014. It is an international consumer vaporizer brand company. Technology-driven and product innovation-oriented, it is committed to creating a light and healthy life for consumers and providing VEEX brand vape R&D, design and sales of atomizer solutions.

First impression

The author visited VEEX Tech vape company office in Baoan District, Shenzhen, China yesterday and tried the pod system VEEX V1.

VEEX is a company not as famous as others, but their product is solid and hardcore after the author’s own test.

Though they didn’t do much or any promotion in overseas market, their products are hot selling in the global market. It’s a hidden tycoon in the vape industry.

veex vape

VEEX pod user experience

The Chinese tea flavor is their best selling flavor, it’s a refreshing flavor from heaven.

No irritation to the throat, no itch throat that causes coughing, and the buzz are strong though the nicotine salt content is merely 3mg/3%. Maybe the rich and big vapor produced by the delicate device helped achieve the satisfying & comfortable throat hit.

The atomizing core is their unique design from their own factory in Dongguang, Guangdong. Not like other companies that use FEELM, this atomizing core doesn’t have the problems like leakage or burnt smell. It’s a very advanced & patented design.

Besides Chinese tea flavor, 3% cola flavor is also highly recommended. It’s delicious and as good as the tea flavor. Currently, there are over 19 flavors of VEEX pods and the number is still growing.

No condensation problem found during the use.

Device battery is 380mAh, which is bigger than ordinary 350mAh. And its pods are compatible with RELX classic device.

Some user may doubt if its pod are safe. Don’t worry about it, they own various certificates proving this.

Moreover, the author vaped on VEEX pod continuously for 2 days and ran out of 1 pod, no side effects of fake products like headache, discomfort throat or chest pain found, it’s very pleasant and safe to vape with VEEX product (the author will update it here if something wrong happened in the later use).

veex vape


VEEX as a company that makes vapes for over 6 years, which is longer than many famous brands, definitely has its own unique advantages to stand out on the market for so long. We tried their various products, compare it with other brands in secret and draw this conclusion. You may order a sample and take a try yourself. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with it.

Learn more about VEEX on VEEX official site

PS: We’ll post more about VEEX later if you’re interested, stay tuned with VAPE.HK and have a good day.

VEEX V1 Pod (3 pods) | Wholesale


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