VOOPOO ARGUS P2 & G2 Review: Unmatched Battery Life and Customization in Vaping Innovation

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Introduction to VOOPOO ARGUS P2 & G2

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about VOOPOO’s products. Today, let’s take the opportunity to discuss their new release. The ARGUS series has always been one of the classics from VOOPOO, friendly to those who enjoy 6mg and salt e-liquids. The performance of the newly released ARGUS P2 & ARGUS G2 is something to look forward to.


Detailed Overview of ARGUS P2 & ARGUS G2 Features

The ARGUS P2 & ARGUS G2 continue the smooth taste and feel of the ARGUS G, while introducing flexible and interactive features. Boasting five super competencies—super capacity, super long lifespan, super output, super fast charging, and superior taste—it promises an exceptional vaping experience. It’s a boutique e-cigarette that enhances your daily life.VOOPOO ARGUS P2&ARGUS G2VOOPOO ARGUS P2&ARGUS G2

Color Options for ARGUS P2

Matte BLACK, Titanium GRAY, RUBY RED, Emerald GREEN, Violet Purple, Steel BLUE, Crystal PINK, Pearl WHITE.VOOPOO ARGUS P2&ARGUS G2



Captain’s Review/ Expert Evaluation

The design of ARGUS P2 and G2 is quite standard for pod systems, without any particularly striking or unique features. However, the materials used this time are exceptionally exquisite, verging on the specifications of an art piece, which is quite glamorous.VOOPOO ARGUS P2&ARGUS G2

The ARGUS G2 features three power modes: SUPER, SMART, and ECO, each associated with a unique animation theme. The ARGUS P2 offers personalized customization with a marquee light, which Captain Dirty finds very stylish and indeed quite eye-catching, ensuring your device always stands out.VOOPOO ARGUS P2&ARGUS G2

The coil&pod system this time is a boon for enthusiasts, boasting a normal use lifespan of 30 days. However, the capacity of the pod is somewhat limited, only available in 3mL and 2mL, which is restrictive for such devices. Captain Dirty hopes for an increase in capacity in the future to better meet the diverse needs of vapers, with coil options including 0.4Ω, 0.6Ω, 0.67Ω, 0.8Ω, and 1.2Ω.VOOPOO ARGUS P2&ARGUS G2VOOPOO ARGUS P2&ARGUS G2

Captain’s Verdict on ARGUS P2 & G2

In my opinion, this is the strongest product in the ARGUS series to date, featuring stunning aesthetics, solid craftsmanship, fun interactive features, and exceptional battery life and pod longevity.VOOPOO ARGUS P2&ARGUS G2

The battery capacity far exceeds the typical 600mAh found on the market, with the G2 having 1000mAh and the P2 1100mAh. From my experience, it ranks as a Tier 1 product in its category. The flavor resolution is quite saturated, slightly dry, but when vaping dessert-flavored e-liquids with a 0.7Ω pod, the flavor is rich and beautifully released, which I highly rate. Paired with the long pod life, it truly excels.


Stay true to your vape style with ARGUS P2 & G2. This is Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Learn more about ARGUS P2 from the official

Learn more about ARGUS G2 from the official

Buy ARGUS P2 @$34.99
Buy ARGUS G2 @$24.99
ARGUS P2 & G2 Design
ARGUS P2 & G2 Craftsmanship
ARGUS P2 & G2 Battery Life
ARGUS P2 & G2 Flavor Quality
ARGUS P2 & G2 Value for Money

The VOOPOO ARGUS P2 & G2 deliver superior vaping with exceptional battery life, customizable features, and diverse color options. Rated highly for design, craftsmanship, and performance, they're standout choices in their category.

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