Vpod pod system by Vapesoul review


Dear Truetoyvape fans, Hello, I’m Captain Dirty. I’m here to share the vaping device with you again. That’s right. Old friends usually know, “is it a facking pod vape again?” Yes, it’s a pod vape. Today, I’m bringing Vpod, a pod system device of Vapesoul. We don’t know what Vpod means. Anyway, it must have tried to learn the iPhone things and it’s easy. There are too many pod vapes. Is this one suitable for my dear (disgusting) you? Let’s go on.

Brand introduction:

Vapesoul, a brand from Shenzhen Wulun Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wulun Electronics), was released in 2017. Vapesoul is an innovative brand in the vaping industry, dedicated to providing customers with the best technology and top quality to ensure the most enjoyable vaping experience as much as possible.

Based on many years of advanced technology and sufficient experience, Wulun Electronics has a full understanding of customer culture and habits. Vapesoul dares to say that he knows every user, and it can provide users with the best quality products. This is also the idea that Vapesoul pursues.

The product Captain Dirty remember correctly should be “OP3”, which is preferred by consumers for portable feature and cheap price. The “old Popsicle” launched by it is deeply loved by old users.

Vpod pod system by Vapesoul review

Product introduction:

Product parameters

350mah battery capacity, basically meets the daily needs, one charge a day.

The vape juice storage capacity of 1.5ml is probably smaller than the current basic standard of pod vapes.

The device material is aluminum, which is lighter than copper, which is good.

The size is convenient, small and portable, which is also the original intention of the manufacturer.

Product highlights (manufacturer version):

  • Ceramic heating wire, fast heating, large vapor, good taste
  • Heat resistant and crack proof food grade plastic material
  • The battery has good air flow, sensitive response and fast charging in 40 minutes
  • Simple and exquisite design, easy to carry

Product highlights (Captain Dirty version):

Ceramic core, technically speaking, now it really can’t be a marketing gimmick. Actually, pod vapes care about the real taste. It only has a 1.5ml pod capacity, so it’s estimated that no burnt smell will be produced until it’s finished. But there’s nothing wrong with focusing on the quality of the product. The vapor is rich and the taste is good. I only focus on the taste. The mission of pod vapes is more to replace cigarettes (we don’t talk about quitting smoking, we all understand it). Taste and addiction relief is what the product taste’s try to fulfill.

As for the airflow, we really have to find out it yourself. Why, a hundred people have a hundred Hamlets, with different hearts and different experiences.

Simple and exquisite design, how to say this. (wait for me 10 minutes)

Well, in terms of design. (please give me another 10 minutes)

Well, let’s say, it’s business oriented overall. The material is really light. I think the painting is a bit rough, but I won’t say the price here, right.

In front of this price, no other pod vape can compete with it.

Vpod pod system by Vapesoul review

Product details:


Yes,it is.

It looks like a foreign trade version. The international style.

In fact, there is really no design in this facking package.

This is something I don’t like. For example, do you see people’s hearts (inner beauty) at first sight? If you answer yes, then I’d say, “I’m sorry, please get out, you fake fan!”

In terms of design, I won’t criticize more, then open the package.

Vpod pod system by Vapesoul review

There is a small point in the design of the pull-out cover, which can be praised and make the user feel warm. That is, there is a small patch that helps the draw.

The first layer is the product theme, the second is the instruction manual, the charging cable box and the pod box, and the pod number is two.

Vpod pod system by Vapesoul review

Vpod pod system by Vapesoul review

User experience:

Fellows, the following is the personal experience of Captain Dirty teacher. If necessary, please prepare the ink, paper and inkstone to get prepared for the spot checking from the teacher.

The basic operation is the conventional pod vape “push and draw type”, which should be familiar to everyone.

The original two pods are very good, not the common tobacco flavor on market.

It’s orange flavor in Vpod, which is a surprise.

What’s more, the product of this review gave me some old popsicle flavor. Do you remember that summer? It’s all old popsicle memories.

I don’t know whether different device colors match different flavors in it.

According to the configuration of “OP3”, the taste of the flavors should meet everyone’s needs.

When inhaling, the air intake is slightly blocked, and there is a situation of oil returning (oil returning refers to the buzzing sound when inhaling).

Vpod pod system by Vapesoul review

Maybe it only happens in new pods. Later vaping process is unobstructed performs well.

The air inlet of the pod is designed as a honeycomb hole. One is to prevent the leakage of condensate. This small detail is really good. You will find that when you use some pod vape, and take out the pod, there will be oil drops and condensate at the bottom. This pod, conscientiously, really does not have that. Maybe it’s a matter of time, which leads me to this conclusion, but I promise that there will be very few in this one.

Vpod pod system by Vapesoul review

In terms of inhaling resistance, it’s really nice. Note that I said nice is absolutely “top” and it’s a bit like the inhaling resistance of cigarettes. Many pod vapes boast that they are of the inhaling resistance of cigarettes. In my opinion, it’s far worse than Vpod.

But in terms of the degree of addiction relief in terms of cartridges, it may be that the content is not enough to cause the so-called throat punch. I hope there will be some improvements in the future.

The vapor volume is relatively high, I feel good. Dudes who like mod vapes must like it.

Vpod pod system by Vapesoul review


To sum it up, Vpod produced by Vapesoul may not be the best pod vape used by Captain Dirty, but its performance in some aspects is indeed “top” in the industry. We admit that Vapesoul has done well, but we also hope that in the follow-up R & D and upgrading, Vpod will get better and better. Manufacturers who pay attention to our experience, whether external or internal, will go further. I hope Vapesoul can make a breakthrough and bring better vaping devices and experience to vapers.

The Vapesoul got mortal desires, making everyone a soul of vape.

Vpod pod system by Vapesoul review

Endurance of battery
Throat hit

Vape how we roll, all in TrueToy. I'm Captain Dirty, see you later.

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