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What Captain Dirty brought to you today is the pod vape VK280 produced by VSTICKING. Previously, this brand was more of VKSMA as we knew with a good reputation. Now we take a look at how the VK280 performs.

VSTICKING VK280 pod vape review

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Compared with our familiar shape of the pod vapes before,
VSTICKING VK280 comes with some differences.
The flat design is comfortable to hold than conventional pod.

VSTICKING VK280 pod vape review


The device uses a matte process,
Skin-like process.
It feels very good in my hand.
The only downside is the LOGO offset printing process,
It reduces the quality sense of the device itself, making it look cheaper.
Poor craftsmanship.

VSTICKING VK280 pod vape review

The indicator light in the middle is beautiful,
The disadvantage is that there is no flattening process.
The LED light in the middle looks a bit out of place, and the bulge is a bit too much. A flattening process would make it more harmonious.

VSTICKING VK280 pod vape review

560mAh battery. Medium level in the field of pod vapes. Maybe the battery life needs to be improved.

The pod comes with 2 types: prefilled and refillable.
All are ceramic heat core.
There are currently 5 prefilled flavors.
They are white peach oolong, mung bean ice, tobacco, mango lemon and lychee ice
It is recommended to use VGPG with a more balanced ratio.

VSTICKING VK280 pod vape review


VSTICKING’s own flavored cartridges are all relatively average.
These five flavors are not outstanding.
In the industry, this e-liquid ratio is not good,
No flavor with unique or representative features.

VSTICKING VK280 pod vape review

Self-filled or refillable cartridges are very good.
You are free to match your favorite vape juice,
Because of the ceramic core,
The performance of taste is not so direct,
But the overall vaping feel is pretty good.

VSTICKING VK280 pod vape review

The only surprise, the refillable taste is really good,
Delicate and smooth feel.
The coordination and adjustment of the airhole are done very well.
Tight draw.
The vaping effect is great.
Airflow is concentrated and comfortable.
This experience is pretty good.

VSTICKING VK280 pod vape review

The design of the cartridge is also very careful.
There is a fulcrum for plugging in.
So it’s particularly labor-saving when plugging in the cartridge,
Caring design.

VSTICKING VK280 pod vape review


VSTICKING as a new brand under Yihai,
The performance of the prefilled cartridges of VK280 are very disappointing,
The design of the craft is also disadvantageous.
Not like a very mature product.
Captain Dirty talked to the brand for an improvement.
After communicating with the brand,
There have been corresponding improvements in this vape.
This is what a brand who cares about customers should look like.
Fortunately, the taste and airways cooperate well,
So it tastes good with refillable cartridges.
Captain Dirty hopes to get an updated complete machine so as to see the real strength of this pod vape.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy VSTICKING VK280


VSTICKING VK280 design
VSTICKING VK280 endurance

VSTICKING VK280 tastes good with refillable cartridges.

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