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What are E-Liquid Concentrates (and how to use them)?

I’m here today to talk to you about concentrates, one shot, enhancers, how to get to grip with concentrates and how to choose the right concentrates,

What are concentrates? Concentrates are the flavors that go into your liquid they come as concentrated.

Food grade flavors, this gives you a chance to mix your favorite flavors or to experiment making your own one shots, are somebody’s else’s recipe, which is already being made up for you with the right percentages, so all you need to do is add the recommended mixture on the bottle, your base mix and your nicotine. Just think of it as baking the cake you get your cake mix and you add your egg and your milk. In our case it will be base mix and nicotine along with your one shot, enhancers are also concentrates, they are added to the recipe to enhance or combine the flavors together. For example, you could have ethel metal sweetener and super sweet and then you can have coolants which will consist of menthol colada or ws23, they tend to be added in very small amounts, using too much of an enhancer can spoil the flavor, of course harshness to the throat.

Choosing the right concentrates.

It’s important when choosing your flavours, to think what do you enjoy most in a vape, are you more of a fruity person or prefer dessert flavors such as custard or tarts. By choosing what you’re already enjoying your day-to-day vape, it makes it easier to choose flavors, so for example with your percentages as a rule of thumb, I would not tend to go over 20, that’s just down to it becoming too harsh, however, this isn’t a hard rule as some flavors do go up to 24 as you can probably find online. just don’t be afraid to experiment, we recommend starting at 10 to 15 and going from there you can always add more if it’s too weak but you can’t take anything out using the right concentrates, tends to be a lot of trial and error. Be prepared to either make a new favorite juice or something that doesn’t taste great. Getting to grips with concentrates, I suggest investing in some 1ml syringes, 10 ml syringes and 50 ml syringes to make it easy for yourself.

That is often more simple recipes tend to be the best I suggest using two to three concentrates of the same manufacturer, at first as it’s easier to replicate and can be easier to dilute together. There is a recommended percentage on our product page if we’re mixing two together. I tend to have it unless it’s an enhancer. I hope everyone here, happy mixing and stay safe.



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