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What Is a Pod Mod? Intro and Buying Guide

It’s not every day that the manufacturers of the vaping industry create an entirely new type of device, but that’s exactly what has happened over the past couple of years with the development of the pod mod. When you think about it, the pod mod is something that seems to have appeared almost organically. It’s unlikely that the manufacturers set out with the goal of creating a new type of device that combined the features of a pod system and the features of a vape mod. Rather, it’s more likely that pod mods appeared gradually as the manufacturers designed pod systems with more advanced features.

Regardless of how the vaping industry got to where it is today, the pod mod segment has definitely become a very big deal. You’re going to see no shortage of them when you shop for vape gear online. Check out the Voopoo Drag X at Vapekit for a perfect example of what a typicaly high-end pod mod looks like.  If you’re currently using a different type of vaping device like a vape mod or a traditional pod system, you’re going to have some questions about this new type of vaping device. So, what exactly is a pod mod, and should you consider buying one? Let’s dig in.

What Is a Pod Mod?

As alluded to above, a pod mod is a vaping device that combines the best features of a pod vaping system and a full-sized vape mod.

A traditional pod system is a small vaping device that stores its e-liquid in a disposable plastic pod. You can refill and reuse the pod until its flavor begins to change. At that point, you’ll throw the pod away and start using another one. The main features of a pod system are portability, ease of use and convenience.

A vape mod, meanwhile, stores its e-liquid in a glass tank with a replaceable atomizer coil. Vape mods are typically larger and heavier than pod systems, but they offer significantly better battery life and vapor production. The main features of a vape mod are performance and flexibility.

A pod mod is a vaping device that offers the performance of a full-sized vape mod, but it stores its e-liquid in a pod rather than a traditional glass tank. By combining those two elements, a pod mod provides a compelling upgrade path for owners of smaller pod systems who want to enjoy bigger clouds but aren’t interested in full-sized vape mods.

What Are the Typical Features of a Pod Mod?

As you’ve probably already surmised, a pod mod is typically larger than a traditional pod vaping system. The larger size allows a pod mod to offer better battery life, more e-liquid storage and a larger atomizer coil that’s capable of producing bigger vapor clouds and delivering bolder flavors. A pod mod is typically a bit smaller and more pocketable than a full-sized vape mod, though, and it still gives you the convenience of storing your e-liquid in a pod that’s quick to fill and easy to replace.

These are some of the additional features that you might find in a pod mod.

  • Adjustable power settings that allow you to dial in the level of vapor production and flavor intensity that you want.
  • Replaceable atomizer coils that make it possible for you to get the “new coil” flavor whenever you want it without discarding your entire pod. Some pod mods even have several different types of atomizer coils available, thus giving you even more options for customizing your vaping experience.
  • Higher-end materials. While it’s common for traditional pod systems to be constructed mostly from plastic, pod mods tend to use tougher metal alloys and may feature luxury trim options like leather.
  • Superior durability. Pod mods are often shockproof and may meet the IP67 standard for dust and water resistance.

How Do Pod Mods Compare to Traditional Pod Systems?

The first thing you’ll notice about any pod mod is that it’s going to be significantly larger than any traditional pod system such as a JUUL, a Mi-Pod or a Suorin Drop. The main selling point of a pod mod is that it offers better performance than a first-generation pod system. The only way to offer better battery life and bigger vapor clouds, though, is to have a larger battery and a bigger atomizer coil. The difference in performance is quite dramatic, and a pod mod may be perfect for you if you feel like you’ve outgrown your first pod system and are craving something that can offer more satisfaction.

Although a pod mod can offer far better performance than any traditional pod system, it’s important to remember that using a pod mod will also change your vaping experience in some significant ways. With your current pod system, you’re probably used to just inhaling when you want to vape. A pod mod will most likely use a manual fire button rather than automatic draw-based firing. In addition, switching to a pod mod will probably mean that you’ll need to reduce the nicotine strength of your e-liquid to compensate for the much larger clouds.

How Do Pod Mods Compare to Vape Mods?

If you’re already using a full-sized vape mod, switching to a pod mod probably won’t mean that you’ll get better performance because you’re already using a high-performance vaping device. Nevertheless, you may still want to consider trying a pod mod if you’re tired of using a vaping device that’s clunky and hard to carry in your pocket.

Flexibility is the main principle behind full-sized vape mods. Having a vaping device with 510 threading means that you can connect any tank to your device. That gives you plenty of options, but it also means that your mod and tank probably aren’t designed for one another and don’t look so great together.

A pod mod, on the other hand, only works with its own pod. Since the device and pod are designed for one another, a pod mod can offer performance comparable to that of a vape mod while being much smaller, lighter and easier to carry. Switching from a pod mod to a vape mod will eliminate your ability to try different vape tanks. It’ll offer performance comparable to what you’re getting with your current device, though, in a much sleeker package.

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