What’s HUABO double-cartridge pod vape

According to HUABO brand director, its vape cartridge is the world’s first pod vape designed with pneumatic switch + ceramic core technology + Dual vape cartridge drive concept.
It not only solves the pain of oil leakage, but also maximizes the satisfaction of the user’s taste experience, which is the biggest highlight and selling point.

The so-called “double cartridge” cigarette, simply speaking, 2 pod cartridges can be inserted into the upper and lower end of the device, that is, users can pre-install two vape cartridges of the same or different taste on the equipment before going out, without carrying spare cartridges, you travel with it easily, enough to enjoy a day’s vaping life.

HUABO double cartridge vape’s shape is wide and flat, it feels comfortable, light and portable. Easy to operate, easy to inhale, no uncomfortable feeling. It has strong endurance and many inhaling ports.

HUABO double-cartridge vapes are designed with six colors, such as dark green, dark blue, light powder, light grey, tujin, black, and introduced 10 popular tastes, such as original tobacco, classical tobacco (nut tobacco), blueberry, mango, grape, mixed fruit, litchi ice, mung bean ice, grapefruit, red cow ice, old ice stick, etc. to provide users with multiple choices and needs.

double cartridge pod vape huabo

Huabo double cartridge pod vape is completely independently researched and developed with patent protection.

About Huabo

HUABO is a new brand of electronic cigarettes owned by Shenzhen Zpal Technology Co., Ltd. and has won a well-known investment company, Hong Kong Rico Electronic Capital Injection of 20 million RMB, and it will make every effort to lay out the growing international electronic cigarette market. Unlike most of the new and cutting-edge brands in the market, Zpal has won the favor and recognition of capital by years of experience in research and development and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes, and by focusing on new experience and innovative business philosophy.


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