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What’s the Best E-Liquid Nicotine Level for You?

New e-liquid vapers are not necessarily newcomers in the smoking realm. For some, a switch, perhaps from traditional cigarettes, may have sparked the transition. According to studies, personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes provide a much safer method to regulate nicotine intake. Vapers can choose the level of nicotine to use depending on their preferences and tolerance.

When transitioning into vaping, you might find it challenging to get the same fix you receive from traditional cigarettes. From differences in nicotine concentrations to brand and flavours, there are various aspects to review before finding dependable e-liquid and vaporizers.

Nicotine contains traces of nitrogen and is a member of the “nightshade family.” Experts continue to laud e-cigs over how they assist heavy nicotine users in controlling their intake levels. Nonetheless, questions like which is the best e-liquid nicotine level and what options do I have are still valid concerns. So how do you arrive at the best nicotine level for your e-cig?

  1. Experimentation and trials

One way to find the nicotine level that fits you is to follow the trial and error method. This technique requires you to try out numerous e-liquids before settling on a specific level. Nicotine comes in several strengths, which sometimes might confuse new vapers.

However, it is not easy to overdose on nicotine.  Experts estimate that delivery of over 60 ml/mg of nicotine into the bloodstream can cause an overdose to an average adult weighing around 150 pounds.

However, fatal incidents that can result in loss of life would require much higher nicotine levels. While trying out the various e-liquid nicotine levels, ensure that you purchase your e-liquid at credible, reputable dealers like e liquid UK who offer a wide range of premium e-juices.

Taking low levels of nicotine compared to the amount you were taking earlier can lead to compensation vaping. Too high nicotine levels are unsuitable for light smokers, and it can be overwhelming.

  1. Check cigarette consumption rate

The number of cigarettes you were smoking helps discover the best possible nicotine level for you. However, the trip can be bumpy at first. This method becomes successful by tracking just how many cigarette sticks per day you use.

Typically, e-liquid with 12 ml/mg of nicotine can be a suitable concentration for a person who smokes a pack per day. E-liquid with 18 ml/mg might be appropriate for moderate smokers. Higher and lower strengths are available as well.

A heavy smoker may require nicotine e-liquids with strengths around the digit 28 ml/mg, which is very high. However, if you are a light smoker and intake such a high nicotine level, you may experience several unpleasant side-effects. Instead, the trivial smoker needs to find low-level nicotine, which is a more comfortable option to facilitate a straightforward transition.

  1. Consider your usage

Heavy smokers take e-liquids with high nicotine concentrations, whereas light smokers need low concentrations. Keep track of the average cigarette stick you light up to help you determine which nicotine level is best for you. With this tracking method, you can ascertain the best nicotine level for yourself. When you vape nicotine, only a small amount of it gets into the body.

Taking nicotine with high strength will only mean subtle traces get into the bloodstream, and the majority gets excreted. If you were initially smoking a whole pack of cigarettes, your body would require the same amount of nicotine levels now too. You have to take nicotine with high strength to reach your sweet spot. The opposite would be exact for light smokers.

  1. Choose great vape devices

While vaping, you can choose between the sub-ohms vape pens or ordinary vaporizers.  Sub-ohms offer more efficacy and euphoria after just a few draws compared to traditional cigarettes and conventional vapes. If you are using a sub-ohm vape, it would only take a few hits to get to your sweet spot.

An ordinary vape pen, though, would deliver the e-liquid effectively, but it takes more significant draws to get to the same level. With this in mind, you can opt to use sub-ohms vape pens if you want to vape in sporadic periods and still get the most out of every session.

This method of nicotine delivery is excellent for former light smokers.  Heavy smokers find that using ordinary vape pens are more effective. With such pens, you can take more nicotine to compensate for cravings. You can also try puffco peak  electronic dab rig (E-RIG), sometimes referred to as a wax vaporizer.

  1. Nicotine salts or e-liquid nicotine

Nicotine is accessible in a variety of different forms, most notably, nicotine salts. They are the other alternative most vapers prefer to go to. A typical salt constitutes an excellent blend of chemicals together with potent nicotine traces producing high-level salt concentrates.

Nicotine salts offer a much more potent and effective way to introduce nicotine into your bloodstream. Many heavy vapers would argue that nicotine salt is a preferable option for e-liquid nicotine.

Premium e-liquid and salt nicotine can make the transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs more comfortable. However, not all the deals that come your way are worth your time or money. It is, therefore, essential to review your dealer’s qualities cautiously before finalizing the purchase.

Side-effects of nicotine

What's the Best E-Liquid Nicotine Level for You?

A cigarette stick constitutes collections of chemical substances aside from the typical nicotine. Arsenic, tar, and ammonia are a few examples of the numerous constituents in a cigarette. According to a recent study, most infections due to smoking have no direct link to nicotine, but tobacco use does.

Uncontrolled nicotine use exposes one to unpleasant side-effects that, if left unchecked, might lead to high tolerance and dependence. Too much nicotine intake at once, especially for previous light smokers, can cause light-headedness, nausea and sometimes even headaches. Adverse smoking cases show an increased risk of brain damage and stroke. Loss of sense of smell and taste can also accompany smoking.


There are many e-juice nicotine levels and brands available on the vaping market today. It takes vigilant efforts to get to the best quality products and favourable deals. Each nicotine level suits specific sets of individuals and can sometimes accommodate both light and heavy nicotine vapers.

High e-liquid nicotine levels, however, is the choice of previous heavy smokers since it provides the right amount of nicotine their body craves. Initial light smokers should consider going for lower nicotine levels.

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