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Why flavor concentrate is a must for making e-liquid on your own?

It’s not hard to make an e-liquid by your own hand nowadays, because the mixing process is simple, and there are a million guides online teaching you how to do it. In these guides, adding flavor concentrate is a process that no guide omits to talk about. Since the flavor concentrates determine what your juice will ultimately taste like, they become a must-have choice for almost every vaper.

Flavor concentrate make your vaping more pleasant

According to the author’s own experience, some disposable vape factories may forget to add the flavor into the low nicotine content e-liquid which they should have, and the vapor without flavor coming out from the device just like drinking water.

If you’re tired of those greasy flavors you vape every day, you’re tired of those overwhelmingly sweet blueberry-like flavors that are trying hard to cater to new customers, it might be a new untapped continent to leave the flavor concentrate alone.

Why flavor concentrate is a must for making e-liquid on your own?

However, we strongly don’t recommend it because vaping water-like e-liquid may cause overdose problems without the measurement from the flavor to our taste buds. Meanwhile, some VG or PG base is not of high quality, and I believe most vapers will add nicotine into the flavor, nicotine by itself had a bitter peppery flavor. Therefore, covering the irritating flavor from the VG/PG base liquid and nicotine with some high-end flavor concentrate would be the smartest move.

The famous French perfume was first invented to cover the stink smell on the body in the 18th century. And the flavor concentrate plays a similar role in making the e-liquid smell better today.

Flavor concentrate is easy and convenient to use

One of the great advantages of using flavor concentrates instead of flavorings from other sources is that they are specifically designed for vaping. Although most home mixers use food flavorings that are repurposed for vaping, the businesses that produce them do it in the knowledge that people will vape them.

Many professional flavor concentrates manufacturers like Magical Flavour have labs with advanced research & test equipment and clean room, and the flavor juices that come from them are specially designed and tested for vaping use. So adding these concentrates will make the e-liquid smell better without side effects from food flavoring.

Flavor concentrate is affordable and legal

On many occasions, we choose to buy something instead of another one is mainly because of the price, and it’s also the reason why we choose the flavor concentrate. A bottle of 30ml flavor concentrate is merely sold for 1 or 2 USD. We know a cartridge of a Relx vape pod is just 2ml, and it supports almost 3 to 4 days of normal use, 30ml flavor concentrate for 1 USD will last for not a short time indeed. And we trust every vaper is able to afford this low price.

Moreover, not like vapes, flavor concentrate is legal and can be found and purchased from most eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart, etc.

Why flavor concentrate is a must for making e-liquid on your own?
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Final words

Observing from above 3 factors showing how important flavor concentrate is, now we can draw a conclusion that flavor concentrate is indeed a must for making e-liquid on your own. Start DIY your own e-liquid with some good flavor concentrate today!

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