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Xinyanmin Group Invests 20 Million RMB in iGood Vape

On December 26, Xinyanmin, a Chinese brand of electronic cigarette vending machine, and iGood, a well-known brand of electronic cigarettes, jointly announced that Xinyanmin Group had invested 20 million yuan in iGood brand electronic cigarettes. The financing is led by Xinyanmin Group, followed by Xia Jun Group and some well-known people.

The iGood brand said that the financing will be used to continue to invest in the design and development of brand products, improve the company’s intellectual property system and upgrade the user service experience.

After the iGood brand took the lead in introducing commercial electronic cigarettes, it continued to introduce small cigarette products at the end of 2018, which coincided with the product concept of Xinyanmin’s electronic cigarette vending machine.

Therefore, this time, Xinyanmin invested 20 million yuan in iGood, not only to bring funds for the iGood brand, but also to bring a strong new retail sales channel for the iGood brand.

Introduction of some members of Xinyanmin Company

Xinyanmin, the first vending machine in China to sell electronic cigarettes, a new business model. Unicorn Enterprise of Electronic Cigarette System will lay 200,000 Taixin Vape Intelligent Terminal Detailing Equipment in the whole country.

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