Xper MKT Agency: Your Global Vape Marketing Expert

“Difficult to do vape marketing? No precised marketing channels? Strict marketing regulations? Here comes the first professional marketing agency specialized in vape marketing! Xper MKT Agency, aims to provide professional, precised, high quality global marketing services for vape companies.”


Starting from the China, e-cigarette online sales ban in 2019, to the 322 draft regulation proposal, and now the application of authorized licenses for the vape companies; worldwide, the top 1 vape market USA has started the PMTA process that would cost vape companies millions of dollars for single product sku, and other countries like Germany, Philippines, Malaysia have issued new regulations such as high taxes, restrictions on import, etc… it seems that the vape market is going down, but the trillion dollars worth of tobacco market size, with YoY growth rate of 20%+, keeps pushing the players to moving forward, vape companies like Smoore and Relx went IPO, supply chain companies like EVE, BYD seeing higher market value, quite a lot of companies who used to focus on China market now plan to turn to overseas market. At the same time, there are also some other players we didn’t expect it coming, like the one we’re going to feature today – the Xper MKT Agency, who sees the future from providing mkt solution & services for all the vape companies.



Overseas Vape Marketing

With the tightened regulations, how to get adapted to the different regulation policies and local cultures becomes a headache for vape marketing, that’s why Xper MKT Agency decided to extend their services to vape industry. Given that many traditional trading companies/factories going through the process of transformation from B2B to B2C/DTC, from OEM/ODM to self-owned brand, but with less marketing personals, and lacking of marketing capabilities, Xper MKT Agency is able to offer services including but not limited to: marketing strategy, social media management, fans growth, influencer marketing, press release, campaign planning and execution, etc, helping vape companies to go through the difficult time and grow their business and brand.

Xper MKT Agency: Your Global Vape Marketing Expert

“Efficient, Professional, and Accurate”

The key team members of Xper MKT Agency all have worked in top consumer electronic companies, with an average of 4-7 years of overseas marketing experience, and enjoy below advantages:


  1. Proved MKT Work Experience, lead 10+ successful MKT(such as new product launch) projects;


  1. Proffessional Strategy & Content Planning, deep understanding of e-cigarette product & audience user analysis, in-depth insight into market trends, helping e-cigarette brands in the early stage to adapt to the international market more efficiently;


  1. Rich & Precised Marketing Assets:3000+ high quality influencers from various industries with high responsive speed, PR, forum/tech websites and other big traffic marketing channels;


  1. Super cost-effective & Efficient Execution, reasonable investment in return of unexpected results, to gain brand exposure & awareness in a short time;

Xper MKT Agency: Your Global Vape Marketing Expert

With the increasingly severe regulations an public opinion, they key to take over the market is not only about product, it’ s also about if the brand can take over the sales and marketing channels as fast as it can, the one who takes over the channels first, the one will most likely to takes a big share of the big vape market.


To know more about vape marketing or who may need marketing services, pls scan below wechat QR code or email to [email protected] for further discussion.

Xper MKT Agency: Your Global Vape Marketing Expert

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