XuChang Tobacco Machinery Manufacturing Company, the No.1 cigarette filter machine producer in China

I. Basic information of the company

Xuchang Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xuchang Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd.) established its factory in 1958, and began to engage in the field of tobacco machinery in 1965. It is one of the earliest enterprises directly under China Tobacco Corporation engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of tobacco machinery products. It was restructured into a limited liability company in 2002, and became one of the four holding enterprises of China Tobacco Machinery Group Co., Ltd. It supports and guarantees the development of China’s tobacco industry.

In 2010, Xuchang Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd. launched world leading technology transformation project centering on the vision of “becoming a world-class tobacco equipment manufacturing enterprise” and the development mission of “providing high-quality tobacco equipment and services”. In January 2015, the company successfully completed the first phase of Yidi technical transformation project, and moved to Xuchang New Area Tobacco Industrial Park as a whole, covering a total area of 389 mu, with a construction area of 84000 square meters and a production area of 62000 square meters. At present, there are 1139 on-the-job employees, including 471 professional and technical personnel, 15 senior engineers, 192 intermediate engineers and 49 masters. The company adopts a functional organizational structure, which consists of 20 functional departments, 4 manufacturing branches and a wholly-owned subsidiary Xuchang Fusite cigarette machine parts Co., Ltd. which is responsible for the supply of spare parts.

The company’s sales revenue has been kept above 600 million yuan for five consecutive years. In 2014, the company achieved a total industrial output value of 648 million yuan and a total sales revenue of 757 million yuan. By the end of 2014, the company had total assets of RMB 1.485 billion and current assets of RMB 0.88 billion.

II. Main products of the company

Focusing on the goal of building a first-class manufacturing base of filter rod forming and auxiliary logistics equipment, the company has realized the seriation of high, medium and low speed filter rod forming equipment; the comprehensive matching of auxiliary logistics equipment can provide a relatively complete system solution for cigarette industry enterprises. At present, the company’s main core business includes ZL28, ZL29, ZL26C, ZL27, ZL22 D, YL43 filter rod forming equipment, YF17, ZF12, YF71, YF712/713, ZF25, YF611A, FY36, FY114, FY115, YJ36 auxiliary joint logistics equipment and ZJ19B, ZJ114 cigarette rolling and connecting equipment. Filter rod forming and auxiliary joint logistics products have become the pillar of sales revenue. At the beginning of product transformation, through the implementation of “complete machine, major repair and spare parts” market strategy, the company continued to strengthen the basic management. In recent years, the company has maintained a scientific and stable development trend, covering almost all domestic cigarette industry enterprises, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, America and other nearly 50 countries and regions.

Zl29 cigarette fiber filter forming unit
Zl29 cigarette fiber filter forming unit

III. technology research and development

The company has long been adhering to the scientific and technological concept of “focus and persistence, unlimited innovation”, and has always regarded the independent research and development of new products and technology introduction as the primary core task of enterprise survival and development. In 1984, it established the first domestic tobacco machinery Research Institute; in 1993, it was recognized as the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Henan Province; in 2008, it was rated as “national high-tech enterprise”; in 2010, it was rated as “national high-tech enterprise” Henan postdoctoral research and development base “. The company has successively successfully introduced, digested and absorbed technologies such as MK8, SUPER9, PASSIM7K of Molins company in the UK, PROTOS70 and COMFLEX of Hauni company in Germany; at present, it has successfully transformed the newly introduced advanced technologies such as KDF4 of HAUNI company in Germany and DF10 of GD company in Italy, and the trial products have passed customer acceptance, with good response. The company’s technological innovation achievements are remarkable. So far, it has obtained 30 patent authorizations, including 26 utility model patents, 1 appearance patent and 3 invention patents.

IV. production and processing capacity and information application

After continuous technological transformation in the ninth five year plan, the tenth five year plan, the Eleventh Five Year Plan and the twelfth five year plan, the company’s production process layout has been continuously optimized and integrated, with nearly 100 sets of main processing and testing equipment, including 48 sets of advanced mechanical processing equipment imported from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries. Information technology has covered product research and development, process design, production planning, storage management, marketing management, financial management, human resources and office automation and other fields. It has become an important tool and platform for enterprises to carry out technological innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation. CAD, CAPP, cam, co-plan, PDM and other advanced technical means are widely used in product design and manufacturing. Relying on advanced CNC processing and testing equipment, perfect process control means and quality assurance system, scientific ERP management system and lean production management method, the company’s core manufacturing capacity is at the leading level in China.

V. future development of the company

The new plant area of Xuchang Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd. integrates scientific research, office work and production, realizes the centralized integration of three plant areas, optimizes the production process, and significantly improves the level of technical equipment and information technology. It will better undertake the task of the industry manufacturing base, and create a world-class filter mouthpiece forming and auxiliary logistics equipment manufacturing base, so as to provide strong support for the development of the tobacco industry technical equipment manufacturing.

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