YOOFUN pod kit review – DirtyCheck No.65

Folks might not be familiar with YOOFUN,
But when it comes to SMPO, inadvertently it makes people awe-inspiring.
In reorganizing resources and redefining the pod vape,
I think YOOFUN is a very good brand.
Then how is this YOOFUN pod kit today?
Let’s continue.

YOOFUN brand introduction

Although I’ve known SMPO for a long time, it’s necessary to talk about it. NEX LABS Limited, headquartered in London, SMPO was founded based on the seamless integration between the production and distribution of e-cigarettes and smoking alternative products. By personalizing their relationship with customers and e innovating their products in the most advanced manufacturing facilities, they provide customers with an unparalleled experience. Its dedicated vaping team is committed to exceeding customer expectations in every possible way. SMPO provides electronic cigarettes that not only meet the vapers’ basic needs, but also extend to build durable, professional, productive and mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Once you become an SMPO customer, its team will become your own personalized consultant to provide support.

YOOFUN pod kit specifications

Size: 45mm * 17mm * 82.5mm
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Charging current: 1.5 A (fast charging)
Pod capacity: 1.8 ml
Power output: 12W / 15W
Resistance: 1.1Ω/0.8Ω
Pod material: PCTG

YOOFUN pod kit review

YOOFUN pod kit colors

Aurora blue, maroon, black, printed green

YOOFUN pod kit review

YOOFUN pod kit technologies

CTAP 2.0 chip technology
1. Support charging while vaping
2. Eight battery safety protection
Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, low voltage protection
Low battery reminder, open circuit protection, over-vaping protection, over-charge protection
3. Automatic temperature control
4. Automatic identification of atomizing core

Button activation, microphone induction dual experience,
Dust-proof details,
Hanging chain design, easy to carry.

YOOFUN pod kit review

YOOFUN pod kit details

Why is the detail of this YooFun Kit incredible?
First of all, the design of the dust cover of the pod and the hanging chain is very user-friendly,
Not only does it look good, but it also greatly improves hygiene.
The second is that the packaging comes with a cotton swab, which solves the condensate of the cartridge mouthpice and cartridge groove.
Actually it should be smaller,
In this way, the condensate attached to the airway can also be cleaned.

YOOFUN pod kit review

YOOFUN pod kit battery

800mAh battery capacity is relatively small for Captain.
Personally I think that 1000mAh-1200mAh will be more suitable,
After all, there is such a space inside.
Also because it can be vaped while charging, with Type-C fast charging,
40 minutes full charge becomes a design without a problem.

YOOFUN pod kit pod/cartridge

There are two types of pods in the kit this time,
15w/0.8ohm and 12w/1.1ohm.
Let me talk about this 15w/0.8ohm,

Official description


Suitable for high VG vape juice.
Best recommendation 60VG: 40PG/70VG: 30PG
Fully release dense and delicate vapor.
Using cotton to further restore the taste of vape juice.
Every puff is full.

YOOFUN pod kit review

Captain brief analysis

I actually tested it, in fact, 80VG: 20PG is OK, too.
Just don’t go too fast, you know the truth.
However, I prefer 60VG: 40PG.
The taste is really rich and fragrant.
Whether it is pneumatic or manual,
The vaping process details are good.

Official description


Recommended nicotine salt ratio (50VG: 50PG)
Focus on the transmission of concentrated nicotine essence.
Restore the real sense of throat hit.
Enjoy a comfortable vaping experience.

YOOFUN pod kit review

Captain brief analysis

1.1ohm configuration is indeed more suitable for vaping nicotine salt juice.
But I also tried it here, 6mg and 12mg conventional vape juice are also OK.
And it feels more delicate.
There are some feelings that are not shown in other atomizers,
It is well reflected in this atomizing core.

YOOFUN pod kit review


This YOOFUN pod kit is a product that Captain thinks is relatively complete.
Whether it’s the perfect details, or the quality of the product,
All are done very well, it can be regarded as a model of the industry.
To put it simply, it is to make the customer’s idea to a relatively extreme point.
The feeling of manual power switch mode will be a little tighter than the feeling of air switch.
The dual-core process can really give the vaper good taste.
The only drawback is the condensation of the pods.
It is indeed not perfect enough to some extent.
It makes the experience slightly poor, so it’s a priority issue.
I hope that later they can improve or upgrade it or launch new pods.
OK, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

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YOOFUN pod kit reviewYOOFUN pod kit review

YOOFUN pod kit design
YOOFUN pod kit taste
YOOFUN pod kit price
YOOFUN pod kit operation

YOOFUN pod kit comes with perfect details providing a very good vaping experience like a luxury product. However, the condensation of the pods is a drawback, maybe it could be improved later.

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